• A student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Mr Chibuike Ekwueme, has developed a machine for food pounding.

    Ekwueme, who is a final year student of agriculture and bio-resource engineering at the university, said he needed no less than N1 million to enable him to start mass production of the pounding machines.

    Speaking to reporters in Nsukka on Wednesday, the Orba indigene said that the multi-purpose machine had been used to pound yam, cassava, potatoes and plantain in a few minutes.

    Ekwueme said that he needed sponsors either from the government, individuals or corporate bodies to give him at least N1 million to enable him to continue with the mass production of the machine.

    “This machine uses electricity to pound yam, cassava, potatoes or plantain within a few minutes and can also be used to blend tomatoes and crayfish.

    “It costs me about N40,000 to buy the materials to produce the prototype of this tuber pounding machine but in mass production the price will reduce.

    “I need one million naira from the government, individuals or corporate bodies as sponsors to enable me to start mass production of the machine.

    “If I cannot get sponsors, I will sell the design to one of the companies that have been approaching me to sell the design to them,” he said.

    The final year student said he started the idea three years ago and had been re-modifying it until he was able to come up with the present machine.

    “My driving force in producing this machine was that most time when I see house wives sweating using mortar and pestle to pound food, I told myself that there is need to invent a machine that will make it easier for them to pound.

    “What I did first was to go online to study the foreign yam pounder and how I can use local materials to produce it.

    “Everything I used in producing this machine is sourced locally; none was imported. What I have here is family size for home use,” he said.

    Ekwueme said that he made the machine since last year for the public and had been invited to exhibitions and workshops where the machine had been tested and proven to be effective.

    He said the product had been showcased in UNN engineering exhibition, Abuja young inventors’ exhibition as well as local made product exhibition organised by tertiary schools in the South East. (NAN)


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