• In many parts of the world especially the developing world in Africa, the address system is a considerable challenge; as street addresses are either poorly demarcated or non-existent. There is also in addition the lack of general government policy or standard on the numbering of buildings. Which have created the problem of building not being consecutively numbered in any order or standard, across most African Countries.

    In some cases; streets are unnamed or have been renamed a few times; some areas are unofficial roadways or settlements like the slums in Kibera in Kenya, the Makoko area in Lagos etc; the names of streets in newly constructed areas are not widely known. Even where the mapping facilities are used, by the government geographical mapping centers, areas that have the same or similarly named streets in close proximity are usually not easy to locate by visitors, dispatch riders or emergency services. At times, the names used to identify streets differ from the official names on geographical maps. Also some of these streets are usually routinely, renamed after some prominent persons but there are no corresponding promotions or awareness campaigns to ensure that members of the public are sufficiently aware of such changes. This in turn has continued to magnify the problem of street identifications.

    Furthermore, even where the streets are identified, there is also a problem with the order of the numbering of the building in most communities in Africa. People usually move from one end of the road or street to the other end, all in a bid, to identify the particular building they are searching for, because at times, the buildings are not consecutively numbered, where they succeed in finding the relevant street.

    These abnormalities may also pose security challenges, in addition to the time and energy lost, in searching for streets and  buildings, which generally should not take so much time, as they presently, do. To locate a place, we make usually make endless calls and may fall victims of insecurity. Needless to say that the delivery of goods and services, and even emergency services responses are not receiving much needed attention since navigation and identification of the relevant building in such cases always pose considerable challenges in Africa. What we find is that at times, the police arrive too late to the buildings where immediate police attention is required, due to the man hours lost in trying to locate the scene of crime. The fire services also experience similar problem as they at times, arrive building that need emergency attention, almost when the concerned building has been sufficiently consumed by fire.

    iKamin app digital address for Africa

    This is exactly why IKamin app was developed. In effect, to give a definitive address to anyone, everywhere in Africa. Where street addresses and the relevant buildings may be difficult to locate. The Ikamin app, has been uniquely developed so that all streets and buildings can be easily located. Even where a street or building are available in very difficult corners or hidden locations, like inside parks which may be hundreds of meters away from the nearest address, the Ikamin app can assign address in-between in such streets, in a manner that the streets are easily traceable, unlike where the Ikamin app is not used. Where buildings with unique addresses lack practical ways to specify the location of different entrances. The Ikamin app uses the GPS based address system to make sure that such addresses and entrances to building can be easily located.

    When there is an emergency around you and you cannot quietly make a call without being noticed; or may be, you are out of data to share your location using internet; text your IKamin Code to agencies or people that can help.
    Also along the paths, in the forest and remote areas where there is an emergency situation, the concerned individual could easily generate an IKamin Code and text across to people who can help call the attention of the emergency services, the police or even their family members or relations.

    Delivery of goods and services to your door steps are now like in the foreign countries, IKamin app solves it all. Ikamin app is free, does not require extra information to locate where you are going. You can generate your Ikamin code even without internet or simcard.

    It is easy to use; search iKamin app on Google play store, download and use.
    To generate the code of where you are, tap “Get Code”, to use the code sent to you, type the code on the space which says “Enter IKamin Code” and tap on “Use Code”.

    Please read the “Asked Questions” to know more and “Learn to use” for further guidance.

    Download available at https://goo.gl/4gPLNq  


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