• RUGIPO Shut Over Students’ Protest

    Following yesterday’s protest by the students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic (RUGIPO), Owo over school fees hike, the authorities of the institution has ordered the closure of the school for two weeks to avoid escalation.

    The students were protesting the increase in their school fees from which a break-down showed that the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) students are now to pay N73,000 while Higher National Diploma (HND) students are to pay N90,000 instead of N65,000 and N70,000 respectively.

    The protest which started as a peaceful march later turned violent as the students vandalised structures included the girls hostel building, the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of a new generation bank, the bank’s signpost and some other billboards.

    The students rejected the management’s decision to prevent those that didn’t pay their school fees from writing a unified test as they locked lecturers out of their offices.

    Rugipo joins the flurry of tertiary institutions that are hiking their schools fees without considering the students and parents on affordability. Meanwhile, the government is claiming that education is for all in Nigeria.

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    1. ASO 10 years ago

      This are lies no bank ATM Was damaged no bank was penetrated and the students did no enter the school to protest violently it started peacefully and ended peacefully this stories of damaged property are cooked if its the school ATM they are talking about it has not been functioning properly so which property did the student destroy dis stories are cooked and if not corrected will provoke the anger of the students again. hw can they pay 60k wen its not private school dey are all OLE OLE OLE OLE wr are we driving education too in Nigeria are they saying the poor has no right to education? enough is enough this must stop even state and federal universities have not paid dat worth 60k 70k 90k YYYYYYYYYYYY

    2. ASO 10 years ago

      The only place the students raged on was the Technical College when the Technical students trew stones at the Poly students and it injured one of the Poly student so the student in anger raged against them.

    3. Truthtalker 10 years ago

      All what this useless management are saying is a menace on the entire Rugipo students.

      Firstly: there is nothing like distruction of ATM machine,girls hostel,signpost,and other allegation alledge on the image of the student. The protest went peacefully.

      secondly: Where is it done in any institution in any area of the country? 4 a security that didnt hv up to ssce certificate to be arrassing the polite,at times this so called gatemen slap the students and even on friday 4th of july 2014 a gateman ture the trouser of one of the contestant 4 the s.u.g president the person of INSPIRATION2K14 this is abt leading to riot but the students wear pleaded to by some top school official and they surcub.

      Thirdly: The rector want all he says to be the final,even the staff cant talk bcos of the charm, juju, and spiritual power he is using on them.

      4Thly: We pay at high rate, we hv no lecture theater, there is no condusive lab and class for all science and engineering students and we pay higher fees. We cant say our mind ,if we do we are playing with our result cos our name wil be trace to our dept

      a situation whereby all freshers do go to farm to cultivate farmland, weed farmland and we work like labourers.

      a situation where we pay 4 log book and handbook and we are nt given
      matric fee: we pay this every section and this suppose to be once , are we matriculated twice?

      we pay 4 healthcentre, when we are sick we are given paracetamol, vitamin c, and flagin and write on paper 4us to go and buy the real drug and this drug are in the health care but whenever the staff children are sick,they are given enough medicine and treatment but to the paying student the reverse is the case

      we cant take dis anylonger… Ajibefunnnnn Oooooo , there is God in all u are doing Oooo

    4. fine 10 years ago

      Its a lie there is no any Atm machine dat was damage in d skul.

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