• Application for Lagos State University, Ojo Transcripts and Document Verification can be done by following the procedures listed below;

    How To Get LASU Transcript Online:

    1) Visit the Lasu document verification portal page via the following link;

    2) Click on the Apply for Transcript button,

    3) Fill the required information and Submit.

    Guidelines On How To Use the LASU Transcript / Document Verification Portal

    1. Create your company’s profile by filling in your company’s details.
    2. Confirm your details on the confirmation page.
    3. Enter a student’s matric no to verify.
    4. Select a document type.
    5. Proceed to generate a transaction ID to be used on Quickteller.
    6. After registering your profile and successful payment, you can then login to your profile.

    Best of luck To You all…
    CampusPortalNG Team

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    1. Caroline 9 years ago

      When you say company profile,is that to mean the organization asking for my transcript?

    2. Andrew I 9 years ago

      I applied for the Lasu transcript online, generated a transaction ID, paid online and for over 3 months I didn’t receive any notification or message indicating such payment. More so, I can’t even login with the name I registered and paid with.

      • Author
        CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        You can lodge an official complaint at the LASU ICT office or the Office of the Registrar

    3. 97/03/04/058 9 years ago

      I applied for transcript January 2014 to be delivered to England & it was never processed. To think I was so excited & impressed it could be that simple. Almost two years after and Still not received. I have applied again today to be delivered with Lagos. Fingers crossed. Transcript office has no contact person or number yet all payment goes through.
      So disheartening

    4. 97/03/04/058 9 years ago

      I need my transcript for September 2016 admission.

    5. Adegbola 8 years ago

      I applied for a transcript and Wes tried verifying it by sending an email to lasu but no response from them for ages now. How sad?

      • Author
        CampusPortalNGStaff2 8 years ago

        Please visit the University campus to ascertain the status of your application.

    6. Jack ta Ugwueke 7 years ago

      I applied for my transcript and made payment online on 4th November, 2016 to secure an admission to Esut PG school for 2016/2017session. 1 generated my payment receipt and submitted it to last transcript office for more than a month now yet my transcript has not been sent to Esut PG school and admission will close soon. Please Lasu should send my transcript as I wouldn’t want to lose this admission. I am pleading

    7. Jacinta Ugwueke 7 years ago

      I have laid my complaint

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