• Kwara CoEd Ilorin Academic Calendar 2018/2019 Session Released.

    The Kwara State College of Education (KWCOEDILORIN) Management has released the academic calendar for the 2018/2019 academic session.

    The calendar is as follows;

    KWCOEDILORIN Academic Calendar:

    1Resumption/Online Registration for 2018 Sandwich Students3 weeksSandwichMon. 16th July, 2018 – Fri. 3rd August, 2018
    2Lectures begins for Sandwich Students12 weeksSandwichMon. 16th July, 2018 – Fri. 19th Oct., 2018
    3Commencement of 2018/2019 Admission Process for NCE ProgrammeNCE RegularWed. 8th August 2018 – Sun. 16th Dec., 2018
    4Submission of Examination Question for the 2nd Semester1 dayPDEMon. 27th August, 2018
    5Language Immersion 1st BatchFrench DepartmentWed. 29th August 2018 – Nov. 2018
    6SIWES IT17 weeksSIWESMon. 3rd Sept., 2018 – Fri. 28th Dec., 2018
    7Moderation of 2nd Semester Examination Question1 dayPDEMon. 10th Sept., 2018
    8Admission of New Students / Resumption of Returning Students1 dayCITCMon. 10th Sept., 2018
    9Orientation for New Students / Practical and Welcome Test for Returning Students1 weekCITCMon. 10th Sept., 2018 – Fri 14th Sept., 2018
    10Commencement of Lectures and Practical1 dayCITCMon. 17th Sept., 2018
    11Allocation of Seminar and Projects1 dayCITCMon. 24th Sept., 2018
    12Submission of Draft Question and Marking Scheme1 daySandwichMon. 24th Sept., 2018 – Fri. 5th Oct., 2018
    13Release of NCE I 1st Batch Admission1 dayNCE RegularWed. 26th Sept., 2018
    14Moderation of Questions and Marking Scheme1 daySandwichMon. 8th Oct. 2018 – Fri. 12th Oct., 2018
    15.Language Immersion 2nd BatchFrench DepartmentSept., – Dec., 2018
    16.Consideration of Second Semester Result at School Level1 weekNCE (RegulaPr)Tuesday 9th Oct., 2018 – Fri. 12th Oct., 2018
    17.Approval of NCE Result by the Academic Board (1st &2nd ) Semester1 dayAcademic BoardWed. 31st Oct., 2018
    18.2nd Semester Examination3 daysPDEThursday 4th Oct., 2018 – Saturday 6th Oct., 2018
    19.Resumption/Online Registration by NCE I( New Intakes)NCE (Regular)Mon. 15th Oct., 2018 – 15th Jan., 2019
    20.Teaching Practice9 weeksPDEMon. 8th Oct., 2018 – Fri. 30th Nov., 2018
    21.Advertisement and Sales of 2018 Application Forms for the ProgrammePDEMon. 8th Oct., 2018 – Feb., 2019
    22.Examination for Sandwich Students2 weeksSandwichThur. 25th Oct., 2018 – Thur. 8th Nov., 2018
    23.Moderation of Practical Exam / Monitoring of Exams2 weeksSandwichThur. 1st & Fri. 2nd Oct., 2018
    24.Pre-Seminar Presentation1 weekCITCMon. 5th Nov., 2018 – Fri. 9th Nov., 2018
    25.Release of 2nd Batch Admission List1 dayNCE (Regular)Mon. 5th Nov., 2018
    26.Lecture begins for NCE I StudentsNCE (Regular)Mon. 5th Nov., 2018
    27.2017/2018 Convocation CeremonyJanuary 2019 (Ending)
    28.Professional Qualifying Examination (PDE/Induction)1 dayPDEMon. 22nd No Nov., 2018
    29.Submission of Examination Question and Marking GuideCITCMon. 12th Nov., 2018 – Saturday 24th Nov., 2018
    30.Marking of Examination Script4 weeksSandwichFri. 9th Nov., 2018 – Fri. 23rd Nov., 2018
    31.Resumption of NCE II StudentsMon. 29th Oct., 2018
    32.Commencement of Online Registration by NCE II & III StudentsNCE (Regular)Mon. 29th Oct., 2018 – 15th Jan., 2019
    33.Late RegistrationNCE (Regular)22nd Jan., 2019
    34.Lecture begins for NCE II StudentsNCE (Regular)Mon. 12th Nov., 2018
    35.Teaching PracticeNCE (Regular)Mon. 5th Nov., 2018 – Fri. 12th April, 2019
    36.Commencement of Online Registration and Submission of Skill Acquisition Application Forms by NCE Students2 weeksDirectorate of EntrepreneurshipMon. 26th Nov., 2018
    37.Closing Date for online Registration of Skill Acquisition Programme by NCE I StudentsDirectorate of EntrepreneurshipMon. 26th Nov., 2018
    38.Lecture beginsDirectorate of EntrepreneurshipMon. 10th Dec., 2018
    39.Moderation of ScriptsSandwichMon. 26th Nov., 2018 – Fri. 30th Nov., 2018
    40.Seminar at School of Education1 daySchool of EducationWed.5th Dec., 2018
    41.Seminar PresentationCITCMon. 10th Dec., 2018 – Fri. 14th Dec., 2018
    42.Commencement of Sales of Forms for 2019 1st StreamCITCMon. 17th Dec., 2018
    43.ExaminationCITCMon. 17th Dec., 2018
    44.1st Round of Continuous AssessmentsNCE (Regular)Mon. 17th Dec., 2018 – Fri. 21st Dec., 2018
    45.Stoppage of Sales of Application Forms for 3rd Stream 2018CITCWed. 19th Dec., 2018
    46.Christmas and New Year Break2 weeksNCE (Regular)Fri. 21st Dec., 2018 – Wed. 2nd Jan., 2019
    47.Computation and Presentation of Examination ResultsCITCMon. 24th Dec., 2018 – Fri. 28th Dec., 2018
    48.Production of Original CertificatesCITCMon. 31st Dec., 2018
    49.Lectures ContinueNCE (Regular)Wed. 2nd Jan. , 2019
    50.Seminar at School of Language1 daySchool of LanguageThur. 10th Jan.,2019
    51.Orientation Programme for NCE I StudentsNCE (Regular)Mon. 14th Jan., 2019 – Fri. 25th Jan., 2019
    52.Exhibition/Seminar at School of Voc &Tech1 daySchool of Voc& TechThur. 15th Jan., 2019
    53.2nd Academic Board MeetingTue. 22nd Jan., 2019
    54.Matriculation Programme for NCE I StudentsNCE (Regular)Wed. 16th Jan., 2019
    55.First Semester Examination for NCE I and II3 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 4th Feb., 2019 – Fri. 22nd Feb., 2019
    56.Seminar for ECCE/PED2 daysECCE/PEDThur. 21th Feb.,2019 –Fri.22nd Feb., 2019
    57.Inter-Semester Break2 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 25th Feb., 2019 – Fri. 8th March, 2019
    58.Marking of First Semester Examination4 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 25th Feb., 2019 – Fri. 22nd March, 2019
    59.Seminar at School of ScienceSchool of ScienceFeb.2019
    60.Second Semester Lecture begins for NCE I and IINCE (Regular)Mon. 11th March, 2019
    61.NCE III Resume Normal Lectures after Teaching Practice ExerciseNCE (Regular)Fri. 12th April, 2019
    62.Consideration of 1st Semester Result at School Levels1 weekNCE (Regular)Mon. 25th March, 2019 – Fri. 29th April, 2019
    63.1st Round of Continuous Assessment for Second SemesterNCE (Regular)Mon. 1st April, 2019 – Fri. 19th April, 2019
    64.3rd Academic Board MeetingWed. 10th April, 2019
    65.National Conference of School of Languages3 daysSchool of LanguagesMon.15th April., 2019 –Wed. 17th April., 2019
    66.Student Union and Association Weeks and their Elections1 weekNCE (Regular)Mon. 22nd April, 2019 – Fri. 26th April, 2019
    67.2nd Round of Continuous Assessment for 2nd SemesterNCE (Regular)Mon. 20th May, 2019 – Fri. 24th May, 2019
    68.Second Semester Examination for NCE I, II and III3 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 27th May, 2019 – Fri. 14th June, 2019
    69.National Conference of School of Education and School of Art & Social sciences5 daysSchool of Education /School of ArtSun. 2nd Jun.,2019 – Thur. 6th Jun.,2019
    70.Seminar at School of Voc &Tech5 daysSchool of Voc& TechMon.10th Jun., 2019-Fri 14th Jun., 2019
    71.Marking of Examination Script by all Lecturers4 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 17th June, 2019 – Fri. 12th July, 2019
    72.Marking of Examination Script by all Lecturers4 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 17th June, 2019 – Fri. 12th July, 2019
    73.Computation/Consideration of Result at School Levels1 weekNCE (Regular)Mon. 15th July, 2019 – Fri. 19th July, 2019
    74.Resumption/Online Registration for Sandwich 2019 Contact Students3 weeksNCE (Regular)Mon. 15th July, 2019
    75.Ratification of Results by the Academic Board1 dayWed. 31st July, 2019
    75.Seminar at School of Education and School of Art & Social sciences1 daySchool of Education /School of ArtWed.7th Aug., 2019

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