• Scammers targets JAMB candidates posting registration & phone numbers online.

    It is no surprise that the number of internet fraudsters has increased in the last few days. The reason is not far-fetched as they believe that with the release of the 2021 JAMB UTME results, the number of their potential victims has increased.

    Who are these fraudsters? They are a group of jobless individuals with no integrity whose sole aim is to dupe Nigerian students of as much money as they can. They usually target young, naive, and gullible O’level Exam candidates with promises of getting a better result for them, helping them secure university admission, etc.

    Their commonly used trick lately is the Exam result upgrade where they claim to help candidates upgrade JAMB, NECO, WAEC results, etc.

    We will like to use this medium to inform all JAMBites that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JAMB RESULT UPGRADE!

    Please, stay away from these unscrupulous elements asking you to pay a certain amount of money for your result to be upgraded. They are all scammers no matter how convincing they may sound. They even go as far as using God’s name to perpetrate their crime.

    Below are some of their scam messages/ comments you should be wary of;

    (1)”Hello, my name is stacy,
    please help thanks to Mr. Abdul(JAMB OFFICAL) for helping me upgrade my JAMB 2013 RESULT…. I scord 137 and now i have above 230 as my score and my sister Had biometric issues and he released the result I ADVICE MY FELLOW JAMBBITE HAVING PROBLEM WITH THERE RESULT TO CONTACT HIM you can reach him with this numbers 070********. Mr Abdul is a God fearing man that you can trust. if you need my help on how i did mine you can call me on my number(stacy-081********)”

    (2) “Please sir, I want you to help me and upgrade my JAMB score. Your number 080******** is not going, please give another number I can get you with”

    (3) “I am Major General Patrick and I love the spirit of patriotism displayed by you all. Therefore I have decided to help some of you get admission into nda. You can call me on my private line 080********”  

    (4) “We have softwares needed to break into JAMB database and update results. They are:  *Anti hacker *password unlocker *cookies crumble *javalong. O *actionscript2. 0 *key unlocker for exe(pro) *dont spy on me *clearmyipfor os x *netgrim os x *clearmyhistory.
    Each software cost some dollars, so you have to buy and verify them with your mastercard, paypal, liberty reserve e.t.c. After buying and downloading them, install all of them in your personal computer(pc). Call 080******** for details”

    (5) “i wrote my jamb cbt this year although the result wasnt good i got 175 and this is my 3rd time of writing jamb knowing fully well that my parents had already warned me that if i failed this one again they have anything to do with my education again is decided to look for an alternative before my parents will no about it a friend gave me Mr Rufus number a jamb officer because he was the one responsible for sending people answers in this exam i decided to contact him to see if he can help me upgrade my jamb result he told me not to worry that it is not yet late i should send him my registration number my center and my seat number and i did not knowing who he was i decided to do anything he ask surprisingly the next day i had another alert on my phone it was upgraded from 175 to 230 i was so happy he did it and my universities cut off mark was 200 and i had 230 .All thanks to Mr Rufus for helping me upgrade my jamb result i advice if you need any help or you want to upgrade your jamb result or you need exactly your answer in this jamb exam you can score above 240 through the help of this man you can call Mr Rufus on 08*******”

    The above comments, even with how stupid/ clever they may sound, still get the attention of some JAMBites who eventually fall victim to the scam.

    We don’t want that to happen to you! Don’t even contemplate calling any of their phone numbers out of curiosity as you may end up brainwashed into believing them.

    Another advice we want to pass across to the JAMBites is to STOP POSTING THEIR REGISTRATION AND PHONE NUMBERS on public forums on the internet. These scammers now gather phone numbers posted by JAMBites on Forums and comment section of websites, then send scam text messages claiming to be “JAMB OFFICIAL” who got their contacts from an imaginary “JAMB database”.

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    We will also like to use this opportunity to warn the fraudsters to stay away from campusportalng.com as we will no longer just delete their scam comments outright but will henceforth forward their phone numbers to relevant authorities to bring them to book.

    Let he who have ear hear!!

    Best of luck To You all…
    CampusPortalNG Team

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