• **UPDATE*** The 2016 JAMB application form is now available. Click on the link below for details;

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    1. chibuzor 10 years ago

      Baby i just cannot wait, for what will appear, i will take care of you and treat you right, i will lay by your side even when we fight, the dreams i have, that all involve you, the chances i see and everything we can do, i could go on for days, telling you what i feel, but all you have to know is my love for you is real my sweetheart

    2. eric 10 years ago

      If somebody register two jamb online, them will damaged because of what ? i need more explanation for email.

    3. Adebayomaryhamyetunde 10 years ago

      It really helps

    4. lateef 10 years ago

      when is 2014/2015 registeration going to start,and what date is the exam going to hold

    5. Joy 10 years ago

      Tanx 4 d info

    6. Letta joseph 10 years ago

      The means of using ict base to write exams is not quite good

    7. davidadeyemi 10 years ago

      pls what about jamb2015/16?

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 10 years ago

        The form is out.

    8. sundaykumz 10 years ago

      pls where can register my jamb.am in port Harcourt

    9. Akanni riliwan 10 years ago

      More infor, gud job

    10. jamzy 10 years ago

      cwhi0usly ehn . . . Me’x damn sure lotta dudex are qow’n tu fail dhix year . . . Dey berra make vhix year jamb easy sha cox vhere aiint no enouqh time tu prepare.

    11. DORIS OGECHI 10 years ago


    12. osayuki 10 years ago

      thanks for the information it have solve what i was wondering about

    13. Iruobe Daniel 10 years ago

      i that want to study masscommunication. I have: English-c5 maths-d7 crs-a1 gov.b3 economics-c4 agric-c6

    14. Unity Blessing 10 years ago

      Hello jamb pls I want to take a Direct Entry into OAU using my AAT certificate from ICAN. pls am I to obtain this 2015/2016 jamb form n what r d O’level requirement for Accounting in OAU?pls tell me the procedure

    15. Basil inyang 10 years ago

      Thanks so moish for the information pleas mor on my email box

    16. FIEBOR ESETERU 10 years ago


    17. saidat aliyu 10 years ago

      the last day at focardos high school….pls what is d book all abt.????….is it a novel or what????

    18. Taiwo s 10 years ago

      Fuck u jamb, fuck d pple behind it

    19. Fasuyi olaoye 10 years ago

      Is dis coming jamb based on cbt only.

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 10 years ago

        Yes. TOTAL CBT

    20. Edison 10 years ago

      I do really appreciate u guys for takin ur tim to give guidlines. But my question now is: what are ur reasons of removing (PPT) this year?

    21. Edison 10 years ago

      I do really appreciate u guys for takin ur tim to give guidlines. But my question now is: what are ur reasons of removing (PPT) this year? And where exactly can i register for my Jamb if not cyber cafe?

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 10 years ago

        Go to JAMB accredited registration centres.

    22. Victor 10 years ago

      “Please note that a matriculated
      student in any university is not
      eligible to sit for the Unified Tertiary
      Matriculation Examination (UTME)
      except those who are transferring
      from foreign Universities.” pls ma question goes .. does it means that those that are already in school are nt eligible 2 apply for it… I don’t get their point… reply needed 2 ma email…

    23. Ibe maryann ogechi 10 years ago


    24. gabriel amarachi 10 years ago

      pls which centre is adviceable to register pls i need connection

    25. IWEBEMA FELIX 10 years ago

      I am a matriculated student in one of nigeria university but due to lack of financial assistance,i decided to engage in a full time job.but i now want to go back to school.am i qualify to sit for another jamb since am no longer going to that school due to transfer of my work from my school environment

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 10 years ago

        Yes. Unless you differed your admission earlier.

    26. Uleh tochukwu 10 years ago

      Dis seems 2 b my first time,i pray dat God will help me…amen

    27. Chul T Michael 10 years ago

      how about people that has no ideal on computer, does it mean they will not go to school in our country again?

    28. israel 10 years ago

      thanks for the information hoping to see more of that

    29. sunday 10 years ago

      its a nice information…….i cnt wait still February ….GOD hlp us

    30. Peace 10 years ago

      What are the novels for literature for 2015/2016 jamb

    31. Abubakar garba ubali 10 years ago

      Honesty is my best policy in life

    32. Kelvin Rainman 10 years ago

      I got two admissions but my 2ND choice is the one appearing on jamb website because they sent my name to jamb 1st and I don’t want their admission since my 1st choice also gave me admission, pls what should I do so that my 1st choice can reflect on jamb website for me to print my admission letter

    33. rolink3 10 years ago

      NYC piece of info..pls keep me updated via emails

    34. godstime 10 years ago

      tanx guys

    35. Ayodeji Arije 10 years ago

      My comment is this; Have u solved the issue with Hon minister of Education,because he recently said Jamp alias Utme woulb be probably and hopefully scrapped next year.By Daily News paper.

    36. sirtunx 9 years ago

      Am waiting 4 my 2014 GCE result, & also I stil aimed 2 purchase JAMB form. Bt I heard my bros saying there ar forms 4 d awaiting results candidate……..pls, is this true????

    37. Ezihe maryann 9 years ago

      Is it only cbt what about pencil & paper

    38. Abel 9 years ago

      i put all my trust in God.

    39. Alayande olaoluwa 9 years ago

      Thanks alot for d information.

    40. Abah Christopher Monday 9 years ago

      Why are they seling the form #5,500 instade of the #4,500 stupulated on the website.

    41. Fantacy clumzy 9 years ago

      Tanks for the information it realy help.for does reading this imformation read carefully.

    42. Yainmoh japhet 9 years ago

      the centers of this year is so fews.

    43. Emeh Ndubuisi Vincent 9 years ago

      That is ok

    44. Temitope 9 years ago

      No Comment

    45. issa temitope 9 years ago

      thanks for the informations

    46. Adetola adewale 9 years ago

      Thank u

    47. OLUWADAMILARE 9 years ago

      Thanks for the information, please keep us updated.

    48. Ahmad Yusif Gagare. 9 years ago

      Thanks for your support, I really appreciated cause it make me aware clearly on about closing date for cbt, and network registration respectively. One more thanks for your expedite response.

    49. blessing 9 years ago

      Where do I get the D.E form

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        The DE form is not yet on sale.

    50. Bello usman 9 years ago

      thanks a lot

    51. Eze Bonaventure Chierozonam 9 years ago

      I AM IN DARE NEED OF CHANGING SOME OF MY REGISTERED SUBJECTS for the upcoming 2015 jamb cbt exam. I am put in this situation because the course of study I filled in stated government which I never offered in my secondary school as a compulsory subject I have to write. Now I just discovered that NDA which I am writing for needs more than that. Any person with with any help on how i can change the subjects that i am going 2 write should please come to my aid before it becomes too late.

    52. Happiness 9 years ago

      Pls where can we see the required jamb novel to purchase?

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        It will be provided for you.

    53. Edon Arepade 9 years ago

      I love ❤ what you guys are doing

    54. Kelvin 9 years ago

      Is that the only novel recquired of us by jamb?

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago


    55. Ganiu 9 years ago

      Am havng a problem i dnt knw wich course 2 choose

    56. Bashir 9 years ago

      Thanks alot

    57. victor brown 9 years ago

      pls sir. is JAMB DIRECT ENTRY form for those seeking for direct to 200 level different from d JAMB UTME

    58. Adektbayaan 9 years ago

      Pls… when would b jamb late form begins and ends?

    59. samuel 9 years ago

      at least I see no reason why I should fail this exam cox I now no the novel to read

    60. Aremu Adewunmi Falilat 9 years ago

      has jamb allowed some operators to register on behalf of the designated computers centres.

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        No. Only accredited centres are allowed to register.

    61. Osasuyi 9 years ago

      I want to ask d state or town u register, isn’t d same town or state you we write ur jamb frm. Even dooh u put universities or polytechnic dats not frm ur state or one is in ur state, we u write d jamb exam in ur state.

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        You will write the exam at the CBT centre you registered at.

    62. Rosebari 9 years ago

      The lord is our strenth

    63. Jahkid 9 years ago


    64. Elisius johnchris 9 years ago

      thanks for helping i have get a complete understanding and help.

    65. moses nweke 9 years ago

      when are they writing the exam

    66. moses Nweke 9 years ago

      thats good .

    67. OLAOYE 9 years ago

      Tanx 4d awareness but in my own view i thought jamb should be done twice in a year.

    68. OLAOYE 9 years ago

      Tanx 4d awareness but i thought jamb should be done twice in a year.

    69. OLAOYE 9 years ago


    70. joy 9 years ago

      Tanks for d info ….it wil really help

    71. HELEN 9 years ago


    72. zainab 9 years ago

      i registered for jamb with six thousand five humdred naira excluding the five hundred for the novel

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        There is a procedure for reporting excess charges by registration centres in the post. Read and follow the procedure.

    73. Ikeagwu 9 years ago

      I want to know whether jamb can except four names like, Ike Nnanna Sullivan John

    74. locophobia 9 years ago

      pls wen re dey goin 2 rit dis jamb pls i need an ansa

    75. Ogungbe L G 9 years ago

      Plz wen wl Direct entry form be on sale ?

    76. AMAIYO PRAISES 9 years ago


    77. jibril Adam 9 years ago

      Alihamidulillahi all thanks is for almighty allahu. may god wish us as we wish, gce examination is a greatfu exam, I’ll to have my pace dear,insha AllAHU, I tanks al d exame officer’s in d nigeria may god help u and reas ur hands up, tanks alot.

    78. stephen Eric 9 years ago

      so no more d use of question papers n shading? innovation indeed

    79. afoogrim 9 years ago

      i’m also a novice here too,i believd in God,so my people be prayerful nd work toward it(read hard).

    80. afoogrim 9 years ago

      i’m also a novice here too,i believd in God,so my people be prayerful nd work toward it(read hard).

    81. ADAMU IBRAHIM TEACHERS 9 years ago


    82. Sunday Nweke 9 years ago

      This is my eight times of me writing Jamb since 2006 up to this year, so since then Jamb is unable to give me admission or anything like gift cards or compensation. to be honest I failed Jamb 2012. and 2013 other once l passed them, so am here crying for help in any way that will make me enter university this year, thank you very much l am Sunday Nweke

    83. agboola 9 years ago

      Is de form out for 2015

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        Not yet

    84. Zaharaddeen 9 years ago

      I want to advice the office of the jamb to help those one’s that they are going to wrote the jamb. B/cus they are not addicted with computer.

      • Practice makes perfect. The computer is not a monster so it will not harm you. Make out time and go to computer centres to get the basic knowledge because come what may, everybody that wants to write JAMB must do so through a computer. Goodluck!

    85. Omotolaniiyanda 9 years ago

      Thanks for ur info

    86. Mohammad 9 years ago

      The closing deadline is suppost 2 be 1 feb

    87. Hakeem 9 years ago

      Pls, I will like to knw wen d Direct entry form is coming out pls….. and amount for d purchase of it.

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        You will be duly informed when the form is available. Keep visiting Campus Portal NG

    88. wende cosmas. T 9 years ago

      i comment is that all student should sit up because this jamb we were re gone to du it computre sysm .but let ask a question there re those way de never get adere for compture so wat re dey gone to do it than on that examintion day that is my question ilke to hear de answer

    89. Okoro Alexandar 9 years ago

      its wonderful
      but how can we register on line

    90. Okoro Alexandar 9 years ago

      its wonderful
      can we register online with our phone

    91. Tonbra Bank 9 years ago

      Good works guys,

    92. Emmy wonder 9 years ago

      tnk u

    93. olaniran tunde Adeyemi 9 years ago

      please I don’t to know my jamb center, can you send it to my email?, because I have already register it. thank u I will be waiting.

      • CampusPortalNGStaff2 9 years ago

        You will need to reprint your exam slip by February ending to get your JAMB centre

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