• FUNAAB Transcript Application Procedure.

    The Examinations and Records Unit of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) has released the procedure for collection of transcripts for graduates of the institution.

    The Examinations and Records Unit is currently headed by a Principal Assistant Registrar, who is assisted by Administrative / Executive officers, saddled with the management of students’ personal files and records. Senate approved examination results are regularly forwarded to the Unit for the update of students’ records. Records are stored manually and electronically.

    Procedure for Transcript Collection:

    1. Applicants are expected to pay an Application fee of Three thousand naira only (N3,000.00) per copy of transcript to the Cash Office of the University, after which a receipt is issued to the Applicant.
    2. The Applicant then downloads the Transcript Application Form here, attach the receipt of payment after filling, and returns to the Examinations and Records Office.
    3. All things being equal, the transcript is processed within three business days, after which it is ready for dispatch, subject to the choice of courier of the student.
    4. Courier fees are borne by students. (This is different from the application fee).

    Postage of Transcript:

    Transcripts can be posted via FEDEX / RED STAR EXPRESS, TNT, EMS, NIPOST or DHL.

    Tariffs of the above Courier Services, are listed below:

    Zone A:   London                                    From N5,940                 N8,605
    Zone B:   Great Britain                            From N6,875                 N9,980
    Zone C:   West Africa                             From N7,260                 N10,220
    Zone D:   Western Europe                      From N8,000                 N10,985
    Zone E:   Canada/USA                            From N8,435                 N11,485
    Zone F:   Middle East                              From N10,735                N13,555
    Zone G:   Far East                                  From N11,545                N14,925
    Zone H:   Caribbean                                From N13,890                N14,970
    Zone I:    Eastern Europe                        From N12,620                N14,935
    Zone J:    Eastern Africa                          From N11,150                N13,390

    *Subject to weight of parcel

    ii. TNT – PRICE LIST (0.5KG)
    (a) United Kingdom                                     N6,000
    West Africa                                                        N6,550
    Western Europe and Africa                                N6,550
    North America                                                     N7,070
    Middle East                                                         N8,440
    Far East                                                              N8,830
    Australia and New Zealand                                 N9,080
    East Europe                                                        N10,640
    Latin America and Caribbean                             N10,900
    Rest of Africa                                                     N9,510
    Rest of the World                                              N11,160

    (b) Intra-city (Within Abeokuta)                    N500
    South West Nigeria                                           N1,000
    Northern Region                                                N2,100
    South East/Edo/Delta States                            N2,100

    West Africa                                            N6,090
    Ghana                                                   N5,880
    Rest of Africa                                         N6,825
    South Africa                                           N5,700
    London                                                  N4,725
    Rest o UK                                              N5,200
    Western Europe                                     N6,000
    Eastern Europe                                      N7,500
    Middle East                                            N6,800
    Asia/China                                             N7,000
    Japan                                                    N7,500
    New York                                              N6,300
    USA/Mexico                                           N6,500
    Canada                                                 N6,600
    Rest of America                                     N6,600
    Far East                                                            N7,500
    Within Nigeria                                        N950

    iv. NIPOST
    Ordinary mail within Nigeria                  N250
    Ordinary mail outside Nigeria                N500

    **Including VAT

    Zone 1: United Kingdom                                     N5,565
    Zone 2: Africa I (Ghana, CI, CM, Togo, BJ)           N6,892
    Zone 3: Africa II (Other West Africa)                   N8,035
    Zone 4: Western Europe                                     N8,035
    Zone 5: USA & Canada                                       N7,261
    Zone 6: (Africa III, ZA, KE)                                 N9,693
    Zone 7: (Africa: Rest of Africa)                            N10,946
    Zone 8: (Middle East: Eastern Europe)                 N11,135
    Zone 9: (Asia & Australia)                                   N10,430
    Zone 10: Latin America                                       N15,589

    Please note: Transcripts can only be sent to an Academic Institution or a Corporate Organisation and not to a Private or Personal address. In addition, it can not be collected by hand.

    In addition, courier fees are subject to change by the respective couriers without notice.

    For complaints / further enquiries, please mail this email address: examsandrecords@unaab.edu.ng



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