• Researchers Develop Robotic Glove For People Who Lost Hand Functions.

    A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore has developed a new lightweight and smart rehabilitation device to help patients who have lost their hand functions due to injuries or nerve-related conditions to restore their hand movements.

    The device, called EsoGlove, is made of soft materials and has sensors to detect muscle signals and conforms to the natural movements of the human hand, thereby reducing discomfort and risk of injury.

    robotic glove

    Robotic glove testing Credit: National University of Singapore

    A member of the research team, Assistant Professor Raye Yeow from the NUS Department of Biomedical Engineering, explained that this robotic glove is compact and portable.

    This, he said will help patients who are recovering at home or are bedridden, to carry out rehabilitation exercises with greater ease and comfort.

    The National University of Singapore research team includes Asst. Prof. Yeow, Dr Lim Jeong Hoon, Mr Yap Hong Kai and Mr Benjamin Ang Wee Keong.


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