• Just as a sick man in his dying bed has a heavy heart laden with lots of grief and regrets of things unaccomplished, I sat there in the fields that warm evening starring at the faculty building with mixed feelings of achievement and regrets.

    I had lived the life of a perfect student. I had great passion for studying and some sort of insatiable desire for knowledge. I excelled in every of my examinations and this feat spurred up the feeling of invincibility in my subconscious mind.

    I wasn’t a popular fellow but I believe that mentioning my name portrayed the picture of a focused student with outstanding academic abilities in the mind of the few that knew me. Those few years, I always pictured a beautiful future with me in it doing great things.

    However, I began to realize the big gap between me and the rest of the world. The wall I built between me and my friends as a freshman. Gradually, I knew names of authors and textbooks and yet hardly remembered the names of friends. It dawned on me that in few months, I would not be seeing some of my friends anymore, probably forever. I would miss them for life. Their smiles, discussions and company would be memories.


    Akan-inyene Ubuo (AKdGreat)

    Though its a wonderful thing that as I round up my undergraduate studies, I have an academic record to be proud of, I had some regrets and some feelings that haunt me. I couldn’t help it. Its the price I paid.

    Some days I wished there were 30 hours in a day.
    I knew how to manage my time but my schedule favored my books more.
    Some folks would say “you can’t have your cake and eat it.” Well I believe I can afford yet another ‘cake’ God willing.
    I wish I spent more time listening to my friends when they cared to speak.
    I wish I was more flexible.
    I wish I spent more time with the people I loved.
    I wish I spent more time to discuss with my professors.
    I wish I reciprocated the attention I received from my colleagues.
    I wish I took the time to reach out to my junior colleagues with words of advice and encouragement.
    I wish I created the time to reach out to my professors and seniors for advice, coaching and mentorship.
    I wish I spent more time building my network of contacts and associates.
    I wish I had the time to tutor my mates that failed their courses or had a hard time passing them.
    I wish I gave out my heart to love and be loved in return.
    I wish I took the time to observe my changing world.

    Nevertheless, as I sat there, I was consoled of the fact that I still had few more months left and I swore to make a difference within that little space of time. I wouldn’t have felt any better.

    To my fellow scholars and graduates, who by hard work and devotion have come out of university with a First, I say congratulations on your well deserved feat.

    To intending university students and undergraduates, you have endless possibilities, you posses the power to achieve your dreams if only you’ll believe in yourself. There are sacrifices which you must be willing to make. Though I regret some of mine, that is the price for success, you would agree with me its not much of a bad regret. Nothing goes for nothing.

    What people say doesn’t really matter. Other students often speak badly about certain lecturers and courses. Its their way of justifying their failure. You hear phrases like “he is a wicked lecturer”, “nobody makes an ‘A’ in that course”. Never let those words bother you. I tell you what?

    Listen to them and take note of it to work harder. I performed better in the toughest courses.

    Never underestimate your potentials for the difference between you and the best guy in class is the time he devotes for study. Well natural intelligence is a factor too. By mentioning study, I don’t mean blindly memorizing just to pass your tests. Go out and develop this passion for your discipline that would drive you to study with genuine interest in the subject.

    In your spare time, talk to your lecturers and professors about your favorite topic and your career. Read outside your course content, sometimes outside your discipline to be enlightened.

    Never forget to strike a balance between your academics and your social life; you’ll need it in the real world.

    Be good to everybody you meet, show them love and respect. Talk to someone, live the moment, have fun and feel the world around you.
    Find every reason to be happy after all life is too short.

    Akan-inyene Ubuo a Microbiology graduate of University of Uyo wrote on his blog premiumscholar.wordpress.com

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