• Studying Abroad Boost For Character Growth.

    My name is Sagir Lawan Adamu. I am from Kano, Nigeria. I am a former student of Limkokwing University Malaysia, and currently a final year Computer Science student at Cavendish University, Uganda. I started my studies at Bayero University Kano before I left to study abroad.

    Obviously, man always wants the newest, shiniest and fastest thing that is available around him. It is a need of the senses to have something unique in life. If our senses never perceive change, we as a people will never develop, but stagnate. The best way to avoid this stagnation is to change our environment so that we enjoy fresh experiences. For life changing and incredibly meaningful experiences, I personally suggest that traveling abroad is the best way for individual, professional and character growth. Studying abroad can make you a better citizen/ leader.


    I want to be able to experience everything and get my education through more than just a book or a lecture. Experiences can mean a world of a difference and make a student exceptionally well-rounded. Through studying abroad, the understanding of new culture itself is a learning experience. Education means more to me than just what I learn within the walls of a classroom. Education is about knowledge of different cultures and collaborating with diverse people about topics of all kinds. How can someone be a well-rounded and educated person without being informed about the world in which he lives?

    In my experience, studying abroad increases harmony and love between students, irrespective of their colour and creed because usually students live in hostels together and this brings them close to each other. For instance, when a student falls sick, his close friends can take care of him and this makes the hostel to be a real homogeneous environment where only humanity counts, no other parameters.

    Self-development is another thing that has major effect on students. They learn new languages; they share interests with other students; they come to know how it feels to live independently. They learn how to take decisions without family support. They usually experience a different and new education system. They see new places and different cultures which always help in broadening their thoughts. This will make them confident in decision making and subsequently lead them to a successful life.

    Students who do research work can create a lot of possibilities for themselves because a new place always has some new research facilities. Sometimes, some theoretical and practical gadgets which are not available at their home countries can be available at the institutions and that can facilitate their research work.

    Finally, studying abroad experience is a great addition to any resume and can help you get the job of your choice. Employers’ desks are covered with stacks of applications but your experience from studying abroad will set you apart from other well qualified applicants. One who travels abroad will be better equipped for the “real world” with skills and deeper understandings of life itself.

    First published December 29, 2013.

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