• Nigerian Universities Postgraduate Programmes Duration.

    With the increasing quest for postgraduate education by Nigerians, getting admitted for a Masters or PhD programme in a Nigeria university is now becoming a huge task.

    Gone are the days when graduates had a secured job placement immediately after school. Getting a masters degree in now a ‘normal thing’ right after NYSC, and there are those who never stops their education till they obtain their PhD.

    Doing your masters within record time in a Nigerian university could be another issue altogether, as many postgraduate students are frustrated in their postgraduate programme.

    The post below would help you decide which Nigerian University has the fastest postgraduate (especially masters) programme;

    1) The Private Universities: There are over 40 private universities in Nigeria, but the more significant ones in terms of quality include Covenant University (CU), Ota; Babcock University; African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja; Lead City University (LCU), Ajayi Crowther University (ACU), Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABAUD) and a few others.
    These universities, all privately owned, offer the shortest time to obtained your masters degree. In a private Nigerian University, you should obtain your masters degree in about 10 months. Generally, they begin their session in September and end in June.

    2) University of Ilorin: University of Ilorin has made a name for itself as the only federal university in Nigeria whose academic calendar has not been broken / altered in over 7 years. This has made the school a go-to place for postgraduate studies in Nigeria. Getting admitted for a masters in UNILORIN is very competitive, because of its reputation. Depending on other factors like your thesis supervisor e.t.c, you should obtain you masters degree from UNILORIN in about a year.
    To apply for UNILORIN PG programmes, visit Unilorin Postgraduate Admission Form

    3) University of Lagos: UNILAG is one of the most expensive federal universities to do your masters, but if you work hard, favoured by your thesis supervisor and choose a modest research topic, you should be through in about 14 months. While there are many variables that could extend it for longer, you would not be frustrated by your masters degree programme, except you are just so unlucky.
    To apply for UNILAG PG programmes, visit Unilag Postgraduate Admission Form

    4) University of Nigeria, Nsukka: UNN is generally overlooked as a place for postgraduate studies because the school is not located in a city. UNN is one of the fastest place to obtain your masters. Infact, in engineering and sciences, you can obtain your masters degree in less than a year. It is usually tougher in the faculty of education, where you will have to make many presentations and seminars plus challenging thesis proposal. For a hard working student, with other positive variables in place, you should be through with your masters in 18 months.
    To apply for UNN PG programmes, visit Unn Postgraduate Form

    5) University of Ibadan: UI has become an Harvard of some sort to many prospective postgraduate students. Getting admitted for a masters in Ibadan could be very tough, but the programme is not so herculean. Once you scale through the course work, you are expected to present your thesis within 6 months. Plus or minus, you should be through in 18 – 21 months.
    To apply for UI PG programmes, visit University of Ibadan Postgraduate Admission Form

    6) University of Calabar: This school is overlooked by people but it is one of the best bet in terms of quality education at the PG level. They have a good staff strength and the admission process is meant to select the best which in turn makes them spurn out only the best as well.
    To apply for UNICAL PG programmes, visit Unical Postgraduate Application Form

    7) Obafemi Awolowo University: This is another premier institution in Nigeria. They are known for the concessional entry method which makes admission fast and direct. Their academic calendar is well suited towards an exactly 18 months graduation pace. It is a truly remarkable institution. However, it should be noted that the masters programme itself is herculean in nature especially the point where the thesis or dissertation is written. However, with a good supervisor, the student will scale through in record time.
    To apply for OAU PG programmes, visit OAU Postgraduate Admission Form

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