• The hotly contested March 28, 2015 Presidential Election in Nigeria between incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan and opposition candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has come to an end.

    The election which was initially interrupted by INEC’s card reader failure was generally peaceful. The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, praised the conduct of the election and congratulated Nigeria for holding a “largely peaceful and orderly” ballot but called on citizens to “maintain a peaceful atmosphere and to exercise patience”.


    =>Ekiti State:
    *LGAs: 16, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 723,255, ACCR VOTERS: 323,739.

    *APC:120,331, PDP:176,466, AA:94, ACPN:534, CPP:330, HDP:94, KOWA:108, NCP:377, PPN:388, UDP:60, UPP:145.

    =>OGUN State:
    *LGAs: 20, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES:14, REG. VOTERS:1,709,409, ACCR VOTERS:594,975.

    *APC:308,290PDP:207,950, AA:584, AD:1,927, ACPN:3072, ADC:1364, APA:1930, CPP:978, HOPE:332, KOWA:432, NCP:815, PPN:4,339, UDP:562, UPP:597.

    *TOTAL REG VOTERS:1,709,409, VALID VOTES:533,172, VOTES CAST:559,613, REJECTED VOTES:26,441.


    =>ENUGU State:

    *LGAs: 17, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,381,563, ACCR VOTERS: 616,112.

    *APC:14,157PDP:553,003, AA:433, AD:269, ACPN:479, ADC:478, APA:715, CPP:237, HOPE:110, KOWA:203, NCP:761, PPN:407, UDP:1,623, UPP:290.

    =>Kogi State (Revisited):

    *LGAs: 21, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,350,883, ACCR VOTERS: 476,839.

    *APC:264,851PDP:149,987, AA:700, AD:427, ACPN:1089, ADC:761, APA:1001, CPP:967, HOPE:144, KOWA:190, NCP:399, PPN:476, UDP:180, UPP:156.

    =>Osun State:

    *LGAs: 30, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS:1,378,113, ACCR VOTERS:683,169.

    *APC:383,603PDP:249,929, AA:377, AD:1667, ACPN:1731, ADC:937, APA:1306, CPP:1029, HOPE:132, KOWA:255, NCP:767, PPN:599, UDP:124, UPP:159.

    *VALID VOTES:642,615, VOTES CAST:663,373, REJECTED VOTES:20,758.

    =>ONDO State:

    *LGAs: 18, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,501,549, ACCR VOTERS: 618,040.

    *APC:299,889PDP:251,368, AA:386, AD:1237, ACPN:2406, ADC:1227, APA:1139, CPP:1012, HOPE:184, KOWA:223, NCP:846, PPN:734, UDP:184, UPP:221.

    *VALID VOTES:561,056, VOTES CAST:582,435, REJECTED VOTES:21,379.



    *LGAs: 6 Area Councils, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES:14, REG. VOTERS:886,573, ACCR VOTERS:344,056.

    *APC:146,399PDP:157,195, AA:139, AD:240, ACPN:342, ADC:288, APA:674, CPP:347, HOPE:83, KOWA:165, NCP:473, PPN:269, UDP:95, UPP:96.

    *TOTAL REG VOTERS:1,709,409, VALID VOTES:306,805, VOTES CAST:316,015, REJECTED VOTES:9210.


    =>OYO State:

    *LGAs:33, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 2,344,448, ACCR VOTERS: 1,073,849.

    *APC:528,620PDP:303,376, AA:6331, AD:6282, ACPN:8979, ADC:5000, APA:4,468, CPP:6,674, HOPE:839, KOWA:1,312, NCP:1895, PPN:2842, UDP:1069, UPP:3665.

    *VALID VOTES:881,352, VOTES CAST:928,606, REJECTED VOTES:47,254.

    *ELECTIONS CANCELLED: Saki West/Afijio/Ibadan North, PUs INVOLVED:4, VOTES AFFECTED:1850.

    =>NASARAWA State:

    *LGAs: 13, NO of POLITICAL PARTIES: 14, REG. VOTERS: 1,222,054, ACCR VOTERS: 562,959.

    *APC:236,838PDP:273,460, AA:40, AD:74, ACPN:95, ADC:105, APA:310, CPP:131, HOPE:4, KOWA:48, NCP:222, PPN:164, UDP:23, UPP:33.

    *VALID VOTES:511,547, VOTES CAST:521,641, REJECTED VOTES:10,094.

    *AFFECTED: Akwanga,Awe,Doma, Karu,Keana,Keffi,Kokona,Lafia, Nasarawa,Nasarawa Eggon,Obi,Toto, Wamba, PU AFFECTED: 32, TOTAL: 79,386.

    =>KANO State:

    *APC:1,903,999PDP:215,779, AA:426, AD:708, ACPN:778, ADC:657 APA:2770, CPP:1,552 HOPE:292 KOWA:288, NCP:697, PPN:485, UDP:234, UPP:156.

    =>JIGAWA State:

    *APC:885,988, PDP:142,904, AA:394, AD:587, ACPN:540, ADC:375, APA:2527, CPP:1,553, HOPE:337, KOWA:423, NCP:548, PPN:853, UDP:338, UPP:197.

    =>KATSINA State:

    *APC:1,345,441PDP:98,937, AA:183, AD:283, ACPN:402, ADC:498, APA:1671, CPP:976, HOPE:47, KOWA:215, NCP:330, PPN:254, UDP:117, UPP:72.

    =>KWARA State:

    *APC:302,146, PDP:132,602, AA:248, AD:520, ACPN:817, ADC:438, APA:1165, CPP:910, HOPE:118, KOWA:214, NCP:394, PPN:325, UDP:81, UPP:102.

    =>KADUNA State:

    *APC:1,127,760, PDP:484,085, AA:218, AD:273, ACPN:424, ADC:546, APA:1611, CPP:824, HOPE:105, KOWA:176, NCP:754, PPN:549, UDP:79, UPP:78.

    =>ANAMBRA State:

    *APC:17,926, PDP:660,762, AA:547, AD:475, ACPN:1259, ADC:534, APA:2303, CPP:1279, HOPE:357, KOWA:311, NCP:887, PPN:537, UDP:286, UPP:1121.

    =>ABIA State:

    *APC:13,394, PDP:368,303, AA:315, AD:448, ACPN:2194, ADC:569, APA:2766, CPP:1046, HOPE:125, KOWA:173, NCP:745, PPN:424, UDP:213 UPP:330.

    =>AKWAIBOM State:

    *APC: 58,411, PDP: 953,304 (Results Inconclusive, Returning Officer asked to reconcile figures)
    *UPDATED: Returning Officer re-presents results as follows;
    *APC:58,411, PDP:953,304, AA: 1600, AD: 474, ACPN:443, ADC:608, APA:384,  CPP:412, HOPE:192, KOWA:160, NCP:381,  PPN:324, UDP:224, UPP:144.

    =>IMO State:

    *APC: 133,253, PDP: 559,185, AA: 533, AD:757, ACPN: 956, ADC: 1617, APA: 2236,  CPP: 733, HOPE: 157, KOWA: 158, NCP: 784,  PPN:414, UDP:264, UPP: 1917.

    =>PLATEAU State:

    *APC: 429,140, PDP: 549,615, AA: 178, AD: 279, ACPN: 391, ADC: 406, APA: 618, CPP: 237, HOPE: 56, KOWA: 138, NCP: 693,  PPN: 554, UDP: 54, UPP:29.

    Tuesday, 31st March, 2015
    =>EBONYI State:

    Results collation continued after initially been interupted by PDP agent, Mr. Godsday Orubebe.

    *APC:19,518, PDP:323,653, AA: 426 AD: 1133 ACPN:1214 ADC:2704 APA:2452  CPP:2345 HOPE:989 KOWA:913 NCP:1890  PPN:1168 UDP:624 UPP:4859.

    =>NIGER State:

    *APC:657,678, PDP:149,222, AA: 307 AD: 403 ACPN:441 ADC:614 APA:2006  CPP:1264 HOPE:198 KOWA:305 NCP:550  PPN:449 UDP:116 UPP:118.

    =>LAGOS State:

    *APC:792,460, PDP:632,327, AA:1795 AD:4453 ACPN:3038 ADC:2072 APA:2177  CPP:1125 HOPE:255 KOWA:1000 NCP:1430  PPN:1041 UDP:269 UPP:244

    =>BAYELSA State:

    *APC:5,194, PDP:361,209, AA:45 AD:69 ACPN:38 ADC:116 APA:70  CPP:44 HOPE:18 KOWA:52 NCP:95 PPN:62 UDP:20 UPP:35

    =>GOMBE State:

    *APC: 361,245, PDP: 96,873, AA: 104 AD: 169 ACPN: 192 ADC: 247 APA: 773  CPP: 407 HOPE: 46 KOWA:97 NCP: 227  PPN:157 UDP:25 UPP:37

    =>CROSS RIVER State:

    *APC:28,368, PDP:414,863, AA: 279 AD: 709 ACPN:514 ADC:749 APA:532  CPP:381 HOPE:237 KOWA:312 NCP:930  PPN:864 UDP:289 UPP:1487

    =>RIVERS State:

    *APC:69,238, PDP:1,487,075, AA: 1066 AD: 1104 ACPN:525 ADC:1031 APA:513, CPP:577 HOPE:542 KOWA:2274 NCP:565 PPN:492 UDP:303 UPP:156

    =>ADAMAWA State:

    *APC:374,701, PDP:251,664, AA: 495 AD:595 ACPN:1166 ADC:1012 APA:1549  CPP:819 HOPE:267 KOWA:752 NCP:1212  PPN:1163 UDP:289 UPP:334

    =>ZAMFARA State:

    *APC:612,202, PDP:144, 833, AA:125 AD:290 ACPN:290 ADC:294 APA:1310  CPP:655 HOPE:14 KOWA:122 NCP:404  PPN:374 UDP:93 UPP:68

    =>KEBBI State:

    *APC:567,883, PDP:100,972, AA: 214 AD:450 ACPN:361 ADC:472 APA:2685  CPP:1794 HOPE:213 KOWA:448 NCP:519  PPN:547 UDP:207 UPP:238

    =>BENUE State:

    *APC:373,961, PDP:303,737, AA:315 AD: 254 ACPN:1464 ADC:539 APA: 945  CPP:567 HOPE:115 KOWA:105 NCP:683  PPN:439 UDP:66 UPP:74

    =>BAUCHI State:

    *APC:931,598, PDP:86,085, AA:131, AD: 173, ACPN:232, ADC:189, APA:964, CPP:391, HOPE:46, KOWA:128, NCP:207,  PPN:128, UDP:29, UPP:37.

    =>BAUCHI State:

    *APC:931,598, PDP:86,085, AA:131, AD: 173, ACPN:232, ADC:189, APA:964, CPP:391, HOPE:46, KOWA:128, NCP:207, PPN:128, UDP:29, UPP:37.

    =>YOBE State:

    *APC:446,265, PDP:25,526, AA:101, AD: 213, ACPN:164, ADC:112, APA:632, CPP:329, HOPE:67, KOWA:104, NCP:120, PPN:101, UDP:30, UPP:32.

    =>EDO State:

    *APC:208,469, PDP:286,869, AA: 159, AD: 450, ACPN:1284, ADC:512, APA:709, CPP:325, HOPE:22, KOWA:175, NCP:516,  PPN:729, UDP:160, UPP:72.

    =>TARABA State:

    *APC:261,326, PDP:310,800, AA:962, AD: 586, ACPN:811, ADC:320, APA:1306, CPP:1,033, HOPE:161, KOWA:153, NCP:876, PPN:680, UDP:224, UPP:439.

    =>SOKOTO State:

    *APC:671,926, PDP:152,199, AA: 249, AD: 714, ACPN:535, ADC:762, APA:3482, CPP:1894, HOPE:283, KOWA:475, NCP:686, PPN:605, UDP:269, UPP:180.

    =>DELTA State:

    *APC:48,910, PDP:1,211,405, AA:1473, AD:735, ACPN:916, ADC:888, APA:478, CPP:813, HOPE:166, KOWA:311, NCP:670, PPN:393, UDP:354, UPP:261.

    =>BORNO State:

    *APC:473,543, PDP:25,640, AA:145, AD:392, ACPN:243, ADC:201, APA:878, CPP:310, HOPE:88, KOWA:158, NCP:107,  PPN:143, UDP:31, UPP:41.

    “No of Accredited voters”: 31,746,490.
    *APC:15,424,921, PDP:12,853,162, AA: 22,125, ACPN:40,311, AD:30,673, ADC:29,666, APA:53,537, CPP:36,300, HOPE:7,435, KOWA: 13,076, NCP:24,455, PPM:24,475, UDP:9,208, UPP:18,220.

    Total valid votes: 28,587,564, Rejected votes: 844,519, Total Votes Cast: 29,432,083″

    APC WINS!!

    *UPDATE: Professor Jega has just returned General Muhammadu Buhari elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Details here>>https://campusportalng.com/education/muhammadu-buhari-president-elect-nigeria/27037/

    Professor Attahiru Jega announcing result of 2015 Nigeria Presidential Election

    INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega stamping the officially announced result of the 2015 Nigeria Presidential Election

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