• NBTE Massive Job Recruitment 2016 – See Application Procedure.

    The management of the National Board For Technical Education (NBTE) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacant position in the parastatal;


    1. Senior Technical Officer (ICT)
    2. Chief Human Resource Officer (Legal)
    3. Human Resource Officer I (Legal)
    4. Chief Programmes Officers (Zonal Offices)
    5. Chief Medical Officer
    6. Medical Officers II&I
    7. Pharmacist II
    8. Pharmacy Technicians
    9. Nurses
    10. Medical Lab Scientist II
    11. Laboratory Technician
    12. Senior X-Ray Technician
    13. Senior Dental Technician
    14. Dental Technician
    15. Chief Health Records
    16. Assistant Senior Health Records Assistant
    17.  Chief Planning Officer Open & Distance Flexible Learning {ODFL)
    18. Principal Planning Officer (Research & Development)
    19. Snr Facility Maintenance Officer 1
    20. Snr Planning Officer I (Open Distance and Flexible Learning)
    21. Chief Planning Officer (Architecture)
    22. Senior Planning Officer (Architecture)
    23. Planning Officer I (Architecture)
    24. Chief Planning Officer (Quantity Survey)
    25. Senior Planning Officer (Quantity Survey)
    26. Senior Planning Officer (Building)
    27. Planning Officer II (Land Surveying)
    28. Planning Officer I (Land Surveying)
    29. Assistant Chief Planning Officer (Civil)
    30. Assistant Chief Planning Officer (Electrical)
    31. Assistant Chief Planning Officer (Mechanical)
    32. Asst. Chief Academic Planning officer
    33. Academic Planning Officer I
    34. Senior Academic Planning Officer (Publication)
    35. Senior Planning Officer Curriculum Development
    36. Chief Human Resources Officer
    37. Senior Accountant
    38. Senior Progs. Officer (Agronomy)
    39. Senior Programmes Officer (Curriculum Development)
    40. Programme Officer I (Animal Science)
    41. Programme Officer (Forestry)
    42. Programme Officer I (Environmental Health Tech. or Science)
    43. Programme Officer I (Health Information Management or Health Records Administration Biostatistics)
    44. Programme Officer II (Nursing)
    45. Senior Programme Officer (Dental Technology or Dental Therapy)
    46. Programme Officer II (Nutrition and Dietetics)
    47. Programme Officer I (Bus.Administration)
    48. Programmes Officer I (Office Technology Mgt. or Secretarial Management or Secretarial Administration)
    49. Programmes Officer I (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
    50. Principal Programmes Officer (OTM)
    51. Snr. Prog. Offr. (Purchasing & Supply, Public Admin, Social Dev)
    52. Progs. Off. I (OTM)
    53. Progs. Offr 1 Mass Comm
    54. Princ. Progs Offr (Applied Art, Graphics & Advertising)
    55. Snr. Prog. Offr. (Music)
    56. Snr. Prog.Offr. (Fashion Design)
    57. Snr Prog. Offr. (Applied Art, Industrial Design)
    58. Prog.Offr. I (Multimedia Tech, Printing)
    59. Prog. Off I (Cinematography, Photography)
    60. Snr. Progs. Offr. (Hospitalities & Tourism Mgt)
    61. Snr. Progs. Offr. (Chemistry)
    62. Prog Offr. I I (Biology)
    63. Prog. Offr. I (Statistics)
    64. Prog. Offr I (Architecture)
    65. Snr. Prog. Offr. (URP)
    66. Snr. Prog. Offr. (Topo-Sciences)
    67. Prog. Offr. I (Estate Mgt., Env. Sciences)
    68. Prog Officer I (Nutrition & Dietetics)
    69. Programme Officer I (Leisure & Tourism)
    70. Programmes Officer I (Water Resources Engineering)
    71. Programmes Officer I (Mining Engineering)
    72. Programmes Officer I (Computer Engineering)
    73. Programmes Officer I (Cooperative /Social Development)
    74. Programme Officer I (Electrical Electronics)
    75. Programme Officer I (Agricultutal Engineering)
    76. Programme Officer II (Agricultural Science)
    77. Programme Officer I (Building and Wood Trades)
    78. Programme Officer I (Tourism & Hospitality Management)
    79. Senior Programmes Officer Curriculum Development
    80. Programme Officer I (Business Studies)
    81. Senior Programme Officer (Entrepreneurship)
    82. Programme Officer I (Marketing)
    83. Programme Officer I (Welding & Fabrication)
    84. Programme Officer I (Building)
    85. Programme Officer I (Theatre Arts)
    86. Programme Officer I (Computer Science/ Computer Engineering)
    87. Programme Officer I (Chemical Engineering)
    88. Programme Officer I (Paralegal)
    89. Programme Officer I (SLT)
    90. Programme Officer I (Building Technology)
    91. Programme Officer I (Leisure & Tourism)
    92. Senior Prog. Officer (Computer Science)
    93. Programme Officer I (Data Management)
    94. Programme Officer I (Agric)
    95. Programme Officers I (Building & Civil Enginering Technology)
    96. Programme Officer I (Electrical Electronics)
    97. Programme Officer I (Tourism & Hospitality Management).


    All prospective applicants are to visit the link below for application requireemsnts and to apply online;
    >> https://campusportalng.com/job/vacancy-nbte-apply/


    Application ends Thursday, 29th December, 2016.

    Best of luck To You all…
    CampusPortalNG Team


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