• The fees you’ll pay at Utalii College.

    If you’re thinking of having an exciting career opportunity in the hospitality industry, then you need to train in the best college in Africa: Utalii College. With more than 40 years of extensive teaching experience Utalii College focuses on giving modern training that can help a student excel in both local and international industries.

    As a student there, you can expect to learn all the necessary skills that will help you stay at a competitive advantage in the job market. Read on to find out more about Utalii College fee structure the courses that can help you excel in the tourism and hospitality industry.


    Utalii College historical background.

    Kenya Utalii College was established in 1975 with the vision to be a globally recognized training center in the tourism and hospitality industry. By providing quality education and purposeful research, this college has been able to produce more than 6000 successful graduates. The graduates have extensive skills that have enabled them to work both locally and in international environments.

    To help provide world-class training, Utalii College collaborates with high profile and reputable training institutions in both local and international vicinities such as Dr. Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence & Business Management (LIUTEBM) and University of Nairobi. The collaborations which work to ensure there is a provision of quality training in East Africa has qualified Utalii College to be an East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) accredited Center of Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism training.

    With fundamental core values like professionalism, integrity, accountability, diversity, leadership, and commitment, Utalii College has been able to use modern techniques and fresh ideas to achieve immense success. What makes Utalii College the best in Africa is that it is among the top three members of African EUHOFA (International Association of Hotel Schools) and an affiliate member of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This college is also the only Japanese Proficiency Language Test (JPLT) examination Centre and the only Secretariat for Africa’s Association of Hospitality and Tourism Schools.

    Utalii College education courses.

    Utalii College offers a large variety of coursework that guarantee to give students hands-on experience as well as a chance to learn from some of the best professionals in the hospitality and tourism field. Utalii courses are competitive and divided into three groups: certificate, diploma and degree courses.

    Certificate Courses:

    These are short courses that can last from 6 months, a year to a year and a half. Certificate courses that you can find at Kenya Utalii College include:

    • Certificate in travel operations: this is a one and half year program and includes a three months industrial attachment. Students with this certificate can work in tour companies, car hires, travel agencies and any other travel and tourism related company. The fees structure for travel operations certificate is KShs.84,200 per annum for Kenyan students and US$8,000 per annum for international students.
    • Certificate in food production: this course provides practical and theoretical skills that a professional chef will need. You can choose to either enroll in the full-time course which takes one and half years or the apprentice program which takes two and half years to complete. With a certificate in food production, your career opportunities will be found in a hotel, hospitals, learning institutions, events catering, food media, food chain markets, airlines, cake and bakery outlet and you can even pursue a job as a corporate chef. In order to pursue this course, you must cough up a fee of KShs.85,700 per annum. The food production apprentice course is not open to any international student.
    • Certificate in front office operations: this is a one and half year course program which will help a student land a job as a receptionist, cashiers, front office account auditors, reservation officer, a guest relations office or a telephone operator. If you enroll for this course in Utalii College, you also get an attachment to some of the best hotels in Kenya for three months. To pursue this course you must afford to pay a fee of KShs.85,700 per annum, and if you’re an international student, then you have to pat with US$8,000 per annum.
    • Tour guiding and administration: this course takes one and half years to complete. With this certificate, your career opportunities will be in attraction sites, tour companies, lodges, car hire companies and other organization dealing with the tourism field. The fees structure for a certificate in tour guiding and administration is KShs.84,200 per annum for Kenyan students and US$8, 000 per annum for international students.
    • Housekeeping and laundry: this intensive program is for anyone who wants to be a supervisor in restaurants, laundry and cleaning plants, hospitals, cruise ships, and airlines. When you enroll in this course, you will have to pay a fee of KShs.82,700 per annum, and if you’re an international student, then your fee is US$8,000 per annum.
    • Food and beverage service and sales: this is a one and half year course that is open to both local and international students. The Utalii College fee structure for this course is KShs.82,700 per annum for all Kenyans and US$8000 for international students.

    Diploma Courses:

    Utalii College has two main diploma courses:

    • Diploma in hotel management: this is a three-year course that will equip students with all the skills needed for the daily hotel operations. The course includes two industrial attachment and a group consultancy project that will gauge the student’s research skills. With this diploma, your job will be at the supervisory level. For a Kenyan student undertaking this course, the fee per annum is KShs.92,700 while for international students the fee is $8000.
    • Diploma in travel and tourism management: have you ever wanted to work in travel agencies, tour companies or airlines? Then get a diploma in travel and tourism management at the accredited Kenya Utalii College. This diploma takes three years to complete and includes a 6 months industrial attachment. The Kenya Utalii College fee structure for a diploma in travel and tourism management is Kshs.88,200 for Kenyan students and US$8, 000 for international students.

    Degree Courses:

    In collaboration with University of Nairobi, Utalii College offers two-degree programs:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management: this is a four-year course program that includes a six months attachment training to be completed after the coursework. The course is entrepreneurial based, and upon completion, graduates can work in casinos, hotels, catering units and cruise shops.
    • Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism Management: this is a four-year course from which graduates can get job opportunities in tours and travel companies.

    Even though the tuition fees is 12,000 per course, other charges that you will have to pay when undertaking a degree course in Utalii College include:

    • A registration fee of Kshs.1,000
    • Library fees Kshs.1,000
    • Computer or lab charges Kshs.5, 000
    • An annual student ID fee of Kshs.500
    • Medical emergency fee Kshs.5,000 paid annually
    • Activity fee Kshs.2,000
    • Examination fee Kshs.500 per unit
    • Student union fees Kshs.1,000 per year
    • A transportation fee of Ksh6,900 per semester. But this fee is optional depending on where you live. The transport fees basically cover the distance from city Centre to Utalii and back.

    Other courses you can get in Utalii College are;

    If a diploma, degree or masters isn’t enough to secure you that lucrative job then a certificate in a short course can improve your chances with the employers. Short courses that you can enroll in Utalii College are:

    • Housekeeping & Laundry Techniques: this is a three months course for those who want to pursue a career in housekeeping and cleaning service delivery. The fees structure for this course includes Kshs.40,000 tuition fees or US$690 for non-Kenyans.
    • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Technology: this 3-month course has a tuition fee of Kshs.30,000 for Kenyans or US$670 for non-Kenyans. The program has practical hands-on experience that will equip the students with the extensive skills on how to wash different materials as well as modern methods of how to operate the laundry.

    Utalii College Fee Structure:

    The Utalii College fees structure will depend on the course your undertaking. For example, if you want to pursue a degree course in hospitality management, then you will be required to pay a nonrefundable fee of Kshs.3,000. During the enrollment, your fees structure will cover Lab fees (Per Practical Unit) which can cost Kshs.4,500, caution money Kshs.5,000, program Development Fees Kshs.5,000, and field Work fees refundable of Kshs.10,000 paid in the fourth year.

    Self-sponsored candidates have to submit a letter of financial guarantee to ensure they can pay the stated fees in full. The ability to afford the fees is not the only requirement needed to get into Utalii College, you must also meet all the stated academic qualifications. Since the course is taught in English all applying students must also be fluent in both oral and written English.

    Utalii College fees structure for diploma courses, certificate or degree including application fees can change from time to time. So before paying any fees its best to contact the head of the admission.

    Utalii College Contacts:

    Kenya Utalii College has campuses located in different areas in the country. The Utalii College contact to choose will depend on whether you want to enroll in the Nairobi main campus located along Thira road, Mombasa campus or Kisumu campus.

    If you want to enroll in the Nairobi main campus, then you can contact this campus via their email info@utalii.ac.ke or call one of their official phone number+254 733 600 584 / +254 722 205 492 / + 254 722 205 491. You can send your letters to this campus by addressing them to P.O Box 31052-00600 Nairobi.

    Students who want to enroll in Utalii College Mombasa campus can visit their offices at Mombasa Trade center located at the former Ambalal house opposite electricity house, fourth floor, North Wing. You can also call by dialing +254 20 249 9248 or send an email to mombasacampus@utalii.co.ke For further inquiries use their postal address P.O BOX 90662-80100 Mombasa.

    If you reside in Kisumu or its environs, then you can contact the Utalii College Kisumu campus at +254 706-847 278 or visit their offices located at NAKUMAT Mega City Mall, Mezzanine floor Nairobi Rd. You can also contact them using their email address which is ksmcampus@utalii.ac.ke or their postal address P.O Box 19470-40123, Kisumu.


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