• The 2015 African Blogger Awards are now open for entries.

    Last year saw the launch of the African Blogger Awards. This is the first programme to measure and reward online influencers based on reach, resonance, and relevance through data analysis. This provides the opportunity for influencers to be measured objectively against their peers and not by votes or nominations.

    We were really happy to win the award for Best Education Blog. Not only did we receive a beautiful trophy, but it also gave us a lot more credibility in the online space.

    If you’d like to enter this year, you can sign up here with your blog, page, , Instagram, or YouTube account. Categories include Advice, Fashion and Beauty, Events and Nightlife, Education, Sports, Political, Technology and Gadgets, and many others.

    Entries are free, but entrants are required to register their blog, , Instagram, , or YouTube profile (or a combination thereof) on Webfluential.com – a platform designed to quantify the reach, resonance and relevance of these users with over 1000 active, legitimate followers. All bloggers, Instagrammers, Tweeters, ers and YouTubers who are permanent residents of any African country are eligible to enter the #ABA2015.

    This year’s winners will be based on the latest analytical metrics, so even if you entered last year, you’ll need to re-enter this year to qualify.

    Entries for the awards close on 9 April at midnight GMT+2, and results will be announced in May via the competition’s profile, @African_Blogger, from 11h00 GMT+2.

    Winners in each category will receive a web banner announcing their achievement that can be personally leveraged through their social networks and a commemorative trophy. Good luck!


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