• Expert Tasks Covenant Varsity Students On Computer Literacy.

    An Information Communication Technology expert, Mr. Olatunji Agbaje, has urged Mathematic students at Covenant University (CU), Ota to strive to acquire ICT skills to complement their certificate to enable them compete favourably in the job market or as an entrepreneur.

    Agbaje, the President and Chief Executive Officer of TSI Global Technologies, gave this admonition at the third Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Mathematics where he was the Guest Speaker.

    Narrating his foray into ICT, the Computer Science graduate, who spoke on the topic ‘Relevance of Mathematics in ICT’ at the seminar, said his initial encounter with Mathematics was unpleasant as he was always scared of the subject.

    photo session after seminar

    CU Students and Guest Speaker in a Photo session. Credits: Covenant University

    “I saw it as a challenge and subsequently, I gave myself an assignment; anytime we are taught a topic in Mathematics I made sure I answer all questions about the topic in my text book, even if they are fifty.”

    That attitude to Mathematics, he said, made him to become the best http://buylevitra.net student in the subject and actually left secondary school with a distinction in Mathematics.

    The foundation he had in Mathematics would later on aid his success in ICT. “I realized most things needed to use computer for has to do with numbers. If you’re not used to Mathematics, you’d find it difficult to manipulate the computer,” said Agbaje.

    Narrating the relationship between ICT and Mathematics, Agbeja said they are two sides of the same coin using illustrations bordering on Random Number Generation, Statistics and Graphs, Trends and Analysis, Precision and Large Data.

    He pointed out that acquiring Mathematics and ICT skills means people can now do more computation, more analysis, more statistics and do Mathematics practically with ICT, adding that “If you have a Mathematical mind and you don’t have the ICT mind, you are just the regular clerk”.

    People in this part of the world, Agbaje stated, have the challenge of always wondering about where to get a job, but he expressed delight at knowing that Covenant University students are being prepared to be self-employed.


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