• Cross River State College of Health Technology Students Affairs.

    The Cross River State College of Health Technology, Calabar Student Affairs is a department of division under the Registry. It renders services and support for students that enhance student growth and development.


    1. The Student Affairs Division is responsible for the overall administration of students’ guidance, counselling and students’ discipline. In College of Health Technology, the Dean functions as the chief students’ counsellor and adviser.
    2. The Division oversees the day-to-day activities and needs of students such as their socio-cultural and academic development.
    3. The Division also coordinates the mobilization of prospective National Youth Service Corps Members of the College. At the moment, our graduates are not mobilized for National Youth Service but are entitled to exclusion certificate.
    4. The Division oversees the administration of the halls of residence, including accommodation of students.
    5. The Division is also responsible for the management of the College compound and the regulation of all commercial activities within the College compound.
    6. It processes all the papers for the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC).
    7. The Division coordinates students’ including Student Union election, the swearing in ceremony of elected Students’ Union officials and other unions such as NACRISS, NAAKISS etc.
    8. The Student Affairs Division organises and selects ushers for ceremonies such as Matriculation, Convocation, Inaugural Lectures, etc. 9. It registers clubs, societies, social and religious groups and monitors their activities.
    9. It keeps records of students in the institution with the specific intention of identifying ethnicity and facilitating requirements for Scholarship, Bursary Awards to students by the various States that pay bursary to their students.
    10. It is in-charge of campus safety / security or Police services, on specific need, may use city law enforcement officers of private service.
    11. International Students Services: it assists and supports international students.
    12. Judicial Affairs: it enforces community stands and campus codes of conduct, these include ethical programs / education and mediation.
    13. Recreation and Fitness Programs or Campus Recreation: it provides recreational activities such as intramural sports, club sports and outdoor activities for promoting wellness.

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