• Benue Polytechnic School Fees Payment Schedule Published.

    The authorities of Benue State Polytechnic (BENPOLY), Ugbokolo has released the school fees payment schedule payable for the 2016/2017 academic session.

    benue state polytechnic benpoly

    The BenPoly school fees is as follows;

    S/NItemSub-headStatusAmount (?)
    1Application for AdmissionAdmission Form – Code 015000
    2Admission LetterAcceptance Fee – Code 023000
    3DIP 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing, P/SupplySchool Fee – Code 1AIndigene53000
    School Fee – Code 1BNon-Indigene68500
    4ND 1 Accounting, Business, MarketingSchool Fee – Code 2AIndigene53000
    School Fee – Code 2BNon-Indigene68500
    5HND 1 Accounting, Business, Marketing, StatisticsSchool Fee – Code 3AIndigene54500
    School Fee – Code 3BNon-Indigene71500
    6Pre-ND, Rem ScSchool Fee – Code 4AIndigene56000
    School Fee – Code 4BNon-Indigene74000
    7ADPA, ASOC, CBF, CCD, CLS, CPM, CPAA, CPASchool Fee – Code 5AIndigene61300
    School Fee – Code 5BNon-Indigene84250
    8DIP 1 B/F, Comm Dev, Law, Lib Sc, LGS, Mass Com, DPM, DPAA, DPA, HDLGSSchool Fee – Code 6AIndigene61300
    School Fee – Code 6BNon-Indigene84250
    9DIP 1 Architecture, Engineering, Building, Ceramics, EHT, Estate, URP, Food Sc, Geology, Graphics, HM, OTM, Painting, Sculpture, Survey, TextileSchool Fee – Code 7AIndigene62000
    School Fee – Code 7BNon-Indigene86500
    10ND 1 Art, Building, Engineering, Estate, URP, HM, OTM, SLT, Statistics, SurveySchool Fee – Code 8AIndigene62000
    School Fee – Code 8BNon-Indigene86500
    11ACLS, BTC, CAD, CFD, CHM, HCHM, ICLS, TC 1School Fee – Code 9AIndigene61300
      School Fee – Code 9BNon-Indigene84250

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