• Sunday, June 7th, 2015 was a day of immense joy for Mr. Chigozrim Ajaegbu and Mrs. Oguchi Ajaegbu as they both received their doctorate degrees from Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo during the convocation ceremony of the institution.

    The happy couple shared their success story with National Mirror Newspaper after the event.

    Oguchi Ajaegbu, 29, who married just last month emerged as the overall best graduating student of her set. She scored Cumulative Gradient Point Average (CGPA) of 4.74 from 5.0 points obtainable.

    And interestingly, her husband, Mr. Chigozrim Ajaegbu, who is older by three years, is among the 49 others she defeated to clinch the position.

    Oguchi stood tall at the combined 13th undergraduate and 4th postgraduate convocation ceremonies of the university where her outstanding academic performance was revealed.

    phd husband and wife

    She walked majestically from her seat to the podium in front of the audience to receive her prize for her excellent performance. Surprisingly, she learnt about the news just like every other person at the event, where a total of 1,416 also graduated for their first degree.

    “Nobody told me anything,” Oguchi told National Mirror in a chat shortly after the ceremony. This is despite the fact that she is a lecturer in the same department while her husband lectures in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology where he also had his first and second degree. Both were retained at different times by the university because they graduated with First Class honours in their respective discipline.

    Oguchi, who is from Abia State like her husband graduated in 2009 while Chigozrim graduated two years earlier. But despite their long stay on campus, they didn’t know each other until they were classmates as PhD students.

    “Our coming together is by divine connection,” her husband, who is a bit taller, cut in, adding: “We started dating sometime in 2012 and the courtship lasted about three years.”

    He is but grateful to God that he married somebody he loves to live the rest of his life with. “I will confess that our relationship greatly helped us to sustain our academic excellence,” Oguchi continued.

    According to her, “we both share things in common. I am a lecturer so also my husband and both of us did our PhD programme at the same time and all these were really helpful to us.

    We were focused and committed to our studies during the programme. “Even though we studied different courses, we had enough time to study together.”

    On her PhD exemplary performance, Oguchi said she lives by “I can do it spirit.” “I don’t give up on my vision. I pursue any vision I have to a logical conclusion.

    Even at that, I must still say that I do my things in the way I know best. “On my PhD programme, I never envisaged I could become a PhD holder at my age let alone come out the best in my set. That is why I won’t say I am brilliant than my husband. I give it to him in his own field.

    He is a genius in computer and ICT stuff. And I thank God for supporting both on us not only in our studies but also in other areas of life.

    He is the one that crowned our efforts with success.” When she was asked about her next plan, she told National Mirror that for now she would continue with her lecturing job and would also engage in more research activities. “I am happy and contended to be a lecturer.

    It enables me to broaden my knowledge on daily basis. This is because you have to prepare yourself very well as a lecturer to be able to teach effectively in class more so the university makes things easier for both the lecturers and the students.

    There are internet facilities and environment conducive for teaching as well as learning in Babcock University,” she stressed.

    Oguchi however advised students of the university to always put in their best in their studies for them to be able to achieve their aspirations for life.

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