• Nigerian Navy Recruitment Centres Published.

    The Nigerian Navy assigns candidates to write the aptitude test on  12 April 2019 in the states they selected during registration and not their states of origin.

    Below is the list of Nigerian navy zonal recruitment centres for all states;

    1.Abia StateNigerian Navy Finance and Logistics School, OwerintaGroup 1: A-M
    Group 2: N-Z
    2.AbujaMogadishu CantonmentGroup 1: A-C
    Group 2: D-J
    3.AbujaYakubu Gowon Barrack (Mambilla Barrack)Group 1: K-O
    Group 2: P-Z
    4.Adamawa23Bde NA Gibson Jalo Cantonment YolaGroup1: A-J
    Group 2: K-Z
    5.Akwa IbomNNS JUBILEE, Ikot Abasi
    6.Anambra302 Field Arty Regt NA,Onitsha
    7.BauchiNA Armoured Corp and CentreGroup 1: A-I
    Group 2: J-Z
    8.Benue72 Paratrooper Bn NA, MakurdiGroup 1: A-I
    Group2: J-Z
    9.Borno21 Bde NA Maimalari Cantonment, MaiduguriGroup 1: A-I
    Group 2: J-Z
    10.Cross RiverNNS VICTORY, CalabarGroup 1: A-I
    Group 2: J-Z
    11.Delta StateNNS DELTA, WarriGroup 1: A-J
    Group 2: K-Z
    12.EdoEkenwa Barrack BeninGroup 1: A-I

    Group 2: J-Z

    13.EnuguHQ 82 Div NA, Abakpa Barrack, EnuguGroup 1: A-M

    Group 2: N-Z

    14.Imo34 Arty Bde NA, Obinze Barrack
    15.KadunaNDA Old SiteGroup 1: AA-AC

    Group 2: AD-AZ

    16.KadunaNAF Base KadunaGroup 1: B-H

    Group 2: I-J

    17.KadunaHQ 1 DIV NA, Kawo KadunaGroup 1: K-M

    Group 2: N-P

    18.Kaduna312 Artillery Regt NA, Kalapanzin Barrack, KakuriGroup 1: Q-S

    Group 2: T- Z

    19.KanoNAF Base KanoGroup 1: A-I

    Group 2: J-Z

    20.Katsina35 Inf Bn NA, Katsina
    21.KogiHQ CAR NA, Maigumeri BarrackGroup 1: A-I

    Group 2: J-Z

    22.KwaraNNSHS OffaGroup 1: A-I

    Group 2: J-Z

    23.LagosNigerian Navy Primary School Mobil Road ApapaGroup 1: A

    Group 2: B-J

    24.LagosNNS QUORRA, Apapa, LagosGroup 1: K-OL

    Group 2: OM-Z

    25.Nasarawa117 Bn NA,KeffiGroup 1: A-J

    Group 2: K-Z

    26.Ondo State323 Arty Regt AkureGroup 1: A-F

    Group 2: G-Z

    27.Oyo StateHQ 2 Mech Div NA, IbadanGroup 1: A-I

    Group 2: J-Z

    28.Rivers StateNigerian Navy Basic and Training School, OnneGroup 1: A-J

    Group 2: K-Z

    29.Sokoto State26 Motorized Bn Giginya Barracks SokotoGroup 1: A-J

    Group 2: K-Z

    Best of luck To You all…
    CampusPortalNG Team

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