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      Warriors are a very powerful class, with the ability to tank
      or deal significant melee damage. The warrior’s Protection
      tree contains many talents to improve their survivability and
      generate threat versus monsters. Protection warriors are one
      of the main tanking classes of the game and are considered
      the “classic” tanking class. (They’re also great flag carriers
      in PvP!)
      They also have two damage-oriented talent trees – Arms
      and Fury, the latter of which includes the talent Titan’s
      Grip, which allows the warrior to wield two two-handed
      weapons at the same time. They are capable of strong melee
      AoE damage with spells such as Cleave, Whirlwind,
      Bladestorm. A warrior fights while in a specific stance,
      which affects Rage generation.
      Protection: Primarily for tanking.
      Fury: Can dual-wield weapons; primarily PvE dps.
      Arms: Strong in PvE; also has good survivability and burst
      talents for PvP.
      All warriors can buff their raid or group by using a shout,
      Battle Shout or Commanding Shout.
      Warriors have numerous useful methods of getting to their
      target in a hurry! All warriors can use Charge to reach an
      enemy and they also have Intervene, which allows them to
      intercept a friendly target and protect them from an attack.
      Buffs and Debuffs: Stamina ( Commanding Shout), Attack
      Power ( Battle Shout), Weakened Armor ( Sunder
      Armor), Physical Vulnerability ( Colossus Smash),
      Weakened Blows ( Thunder Clap), and Mortal Wounds (
      Mortal Strike, Wild Strike).
      Deep Wounds is automatically applied from Thunder
      Clap and Mortal Strike.
      Check out our Mists of Pandaria Warrior class preview
      and list of class changes!
      For more fansite resources, check out:
      Noxxic’s spec and class guides: Arms Fury Protection DPS
      WoW Insider’s Warrior Articles: General Changes Fury
      Arms Protection
      Elitist Jerks Warrior Forums.
      What more of what we can do

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