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    1. ATTA AHENASAH LAST 2 years ago


    2. Alimamy Turay 2 years ago

      how i can register and take waec exams if i am not in a country where waec exams

    3. Alimamy Turay 2 years ago

      how can I register my kids who are not in a country where waec conduct their exams.

    4. VEEDE D SUGHNEN 2 years ago

      I pray dat God should see us through in our exams, and make us his proud children even in our past WAEC exams in 2013, I will check mine tomorow.

    5. bankole ojo 2 years ago

      Can l have waec syllabus for 2014 and beyond to buy in your branch offices ?

    6. Onyinyechukwu 2 years ago

      Tanks for the info. By His grace, we would do well.

    7. Owolabi temidayo 2 years ago

      When did waec result wil came out

    8. Omitunde Mary Temitope 2 years ago


    9. ogunleye mary 2 years ago

      God is our strenght , we shall be the head and and not the tail, we shall make it

    10. saliu hakeem alabi 2 years ago

      i pray that we should all succeed in the exam

    11. Amos aka Donnish 3 years ago

      I prayed today and every day and God answer my prayer he said to me he will sent an angel to guide me in the hall

    12. Hizaac 3 years ago

      I pray God should grant all people writing waec success. And for those writing for the first time this should be the last. For those repeating it, this should be the last. Not for bad but good . May u not regret over writing this exam.

    13. ANDY ISAIAH 3 years ago


    14. mbaeri ifenyinwa uchechi 3 years ago

      THANK U GOD 4 shifting CBT exam…let all dat really want dis addimision get it in Jesus name:AMEN

    15. Damilola 3 years ago

      God plz ansa each nd every1 of us prayer concernin diz waec…bcus we put everytin in ur handz.

    16. shamsudduha Abdussalam 3 years ago

      we shall pass in the name of Allah. amen

    17. Prince 3 years ago

      God dis exam z nt sombady wil rit 2 timz i wnt 2 rit min once nd 4 al.

    18. Isah mohammed jibrin 3 years ago

      I whiches i nd my felleous student sucses in this exam by Allahs grace ameen

    19. paraflex 3 years ago

      god and God are not the same who are you praying to

    20. chi best 3 years ago

      ur word says dat i can do all tins in u who strenghens me……..let it b done on my exams dis year

    21. chi best 3 years ago

      ur word says dat i can do all tins in u who strenghens me……..let it b done on my exams dis year papa God

    22. Daniel desire 3 years ago

      Not all wil pass bt all dsame i pray thee lord 4 succes in dis exams

    23. Oluwabisoyeadebowale 3 years ago

      Ifeanyi ogbonna may God almigty helps all waec candidates to success in all there subjects include english and maths

    24. Odom adaku 3 years ago

      God pls help me with these problems am facing on my subjects during this waec nd also 2 my fellow students. AMEN

    25. aladisa 3 years ago

      may god help all candidate of dis year ad pass dem excellently in der examioation…

    26. aladisa 3 years ago

      may god help all candidate of dis year ad pass dem excellently in der examioation.

    27. Kafayat 3 years ago


    28. Eboh christian 3 years ago

      For we who are writing this exam,i pray that almighty God grant us success in Jesus name (Amen)

    29. Shuaibu Ali Ahmad 3 years ago

      May Allah guide us for his guide and make every muslim to be a winner ameen

      • Yinka 2 years ago


    30. anyanwunonso 3 years ago

      i need waec syllabus on maths pls were can i get it?

    31. Damilola oduyiga 3 years ago

      I pray 2 almighty God 2 grant us sucess in dis examination

    32. Saidu shuaibu 3 years ago

      My prayer is 4 dose writing waec GOD let each candidate as this exam start succsfly 2 finish his paper witout facing any problem. God dey shld all get dis reslt once an 4 all finish wit gem reslt. by ur grace an infnte mercy.

    33. Olamide olumofin 3 years ago

      Lord in everytin u said we shuld av faith lord grant us our heart desire,lord help us 2 pass dis exam in jesus name (amen)

    34. ameenu shehu funtua 3 years ago

      Ohh god we need ur helf about passing waec axam. Ameen

    35. Nasir bala 3 years ago

      My god helfandsave us

    36. Mathew chukwudi 3 years ago

      With God all things are possible so we will pass this Exam in Jesus Name…Amen

    37. Musa Fati 3 years ago

      Rabbizzidni ilma say dis with faith all d time nd allah shall guide u through d fourth coming waec exam

    38. Sani skipper 3 years ago

      D solutio 2 evry probm is prayers so god wll b our guied

    39. victoria princess 3 years ago

      i don’t understand the syllabus is it question or outline?

    40. Amusan akinyemi amos 3 years ago

      God we help ous

    41. zuby Abdul Ewas 3 years ago

      May Allah make it easy for us to pass our exams

    42. Solution george 3 years ago

      Hmmmmm we tank i just pray we pass by d grace of almighty God

    43. Isiaku abdulsalam 3 years ago

      Lets contribute and pray for this exam both candidate and nor candidate ples

    44. Victory 3 years ago

      Papa God na only u go feet help us 4 dis exam oh!

    45. Okechukwu jennifer 3 years ago

      Father pls unto ur hands i commit this examination….

      • john jack japen 3 years ago

        read nd u will pass dia s nay 2ways abt dat.

    46. Ehihon vincent egbe 3 years ago

      Plan and psychological fitness,is waec secret

    47. Goddy 3 years ago

      I pray God grant Me, my frnd Salome nd my sweet Mum success in diz examination.

    48. Emmanuel 3 years ago

      Is biology specimen out? Pls

    49. Dada Mayowa 3 years ago

      Am just praying to God for his mercy nand for his grace over this examination

    50. ojo samuel 3 years ago

      how an i upload this sylabbus…………

    51. ojo samuel 3 years ago

      i just prayed for god mercies over this examination……

    52. Godwin 3 years ago

      hw can i download d syilabus

    53. sunny wize 3 years ago

      pls where can we download this waec syllabus. Pls

    54. Ali Ejim 3 years ago

      My pray goes 2 God let him help us all in writin our exam.

    55. Chima 3 years ago

      The Waec syllabus is not opening, wats d cause.

    56. Peter 3 years ago

      God help me 2 make my waec

    57. Odunayo 3 years ago

      God will lead me through, i wil nt rewrite waec again.in jesus name.

    58. Frank 3 years ago

      Waec Y is’t that 2 get maths n english in credit level is had,pls do something 4 us.

    59. Mu'utazu billah 3 years ago

      Read hard do ur best nd leave the rest to the almighty

    60. Emma nzube 3 years ago

      Can u give me wot i want?

    61. Adeboye wale 3 years ago

      Thanks be unto God 4 dat.nd i knw dat full cause 4 joy wil b in my mouth dis yr

    62. philip awula 3 years ago

      i pray dat we shul c succes øn dis 2013waec examination,true prayer n hard work,.

    63. Joseph Shedrach 3 years ago

      Nice job guyz keep it up.

    64. adesanya 3 years ago

      why did u nt put yoruba in last subject

      • Let our exam be prosper,in jesus name Amen. My follow student pls let us pray & readhard, we must make it.

    65. Temitope Peter 3 years ago

      Can U pls make available an updated WAEC past questions, as it will be so much appreciated.

    66. Akeem 3 years ago

      Hw can i get questions

    67. odiegwu stanley 3 years ago

      pls where can i get waec syllabus, i really need it.

    68. Oluwole oluwasogo 3 years ago

      Pls where can i download d syllabus?

    69. ben ogus 3 years ago

      i will implore all waec candidates to indurge themselves in reading cos last year’s maths waec was nt dat easy,so we shld continue reading and keep praying in order to be called success and success we shall be IJN (amen).

    70. JAPHET 3 years ago

      were can i download waec sylabus please reply.

    71. tunde ajose 3 years ago

      may God almighty in his infinite mercy help us achieve our aim in dis upcoming exam.nd plz u must study hard 2 mak a good result.

    72. oyawole hakeem 3 years ago

      pls examinal have mercy on ur making pls u shall be rewarded by god in jeus name

    73. sekoni toyyib 3 years ago

      thank weac of d syllabus allah will help us

    74. justin obiagwu 3 years ago

      No easy road to success exams will come and go anyway.

    75. Felix nosakhare 3 years ago

      Thks 4 ur advice

    76. Goni 3 years ago

      Pls y am i seein almst 3 diffrnt waec timetable

    77. michael 3 years ago


    78. aruwaji oluwabunmi lizzy 3 years ago

      where can we get the syllabus

    79. Emmanuel Dickson 3 years ago

      Big thank you.

    80. Anu 3 years ago

      If all waec candidate can follow dis p5 wich says,proper preparation prevent poor performace,and a lot of prayer will lead 2 success

    81. Kbilla 3 years ago

      Plz pal we shld all concetrate in ur study diz time wit prayer, witout read u wil no write anytin dat day and u wil fail, so let concetrate, may God guid us true d dakness amin

    82. Alale Gani Fawehinmi 3 years ago

      How can i get waec questions and answer?

    83. Tangkat Dawur 3 years ago

      Hi.when is health science exam b writen.it is not in the time table.pls i need a reply.

    84. Augustine Amah 3 years ago

      May God help us dat day

    85. BENJAMIN 3 years ago


    86. BENJAMIN 3 years ago


    87. musa muhammad musa 3 years ago


    88. Tonibor kilegha 3 years ago

      I need 2014 syllabus

    89. Aliyu muhammed aleekhan 3 years ago

      Prayer is d key of evry success even though many people av tot dat waec is a game of luck but mind u pray for 99% and read 4 1% i belive allah will suerely answer you (allayabamu saa) amin!!!!!!!!

    90. Alfa Abuh 3 years ago

      Can we download d syllabus with our phone?

    91. Imala paul 3 years ago

      How can i get waec syllabus

    92. Imala paul 3 years ago

      Waec syllabus plzz

    93. Imala paul 3 years ago

      How can i get waec syllabus plzz

    94. Ibrahim oluwafemi olokonla 3 years ago

      I wish all of us all the best. waec pleas mark with marcy may God cuntinue to guide you all .

    95. Ibrahim oluwafemi olokonla 3 years ago

      I wish all of us all the best

    96. Henry 3 years ago

      I pray God 2 help us all in this exam.

    97. Alex Profit 3 years ago

      I Remember the year I wrote my waec, I use to study with friends and I let myself take corrections from teachers and friends and of course my parents. But most time I do self study, most of the time I study I choose night as cool period to read the subject in the syllabus and within a shorter time I almost complete my syllabus. I advice that candidate of this year exam should think of follow those process above. At least two to four hours each day will do to get you ready. Good Luck to you all.

    98. Kekong roland 3 years ago

      In d waec timetable a subject is mising (health science) plz waec do sometin abt it.

    99. spark malo 3 years ago

      nawa 4 waec plz u pple shld nt 4uk us up dz tm arund especialy pple like us dt iz going 4 2nd missionary joruny u pple shld set nd mark wt mercy

      • Okafor Abel 3 years ago

        We appeciate the provision of a syllabus on line. Thanks to WAEC.

    100. Abdullahi rabiu 3 years ago

      So my follower u should reading about 60% pray 40% so as to pass our exams if God agree

    101. Omoniyi omotola 3 years ago

      Tnx 4 d time table am so glad 2 c diz

    102. Mohammed sulaiman 3 years ago

      Waec is easy to pass but is directly proportional to hardworking and prayers remain constant

    103. Mohammed sulaiman 3 years ago

      I am sorry to say this,u people wil be saying that waec syllabus and after some one go through it u wil found out that it cover the whole text.my question what is it essense?

    104. Olaleye ayobami 3 years ago

      Pls all waec candidate workhard and put ur trust in GOD dat u will surely make ur papers……..i ave d spirit of execellence in me…..

    105. Olaleye ayobami 3 years ago

      I wish all waec candidate success ooo

    106. Umar alabura 3 years ago

      Ya alah muna rokonka wanan exam weac ya alah kasamu ga b3 from up to down alah y taimakemu amen

    107. Tijani fatai Adewumi 3 years ago

      To all waec candidates, Workhard, believe and pray God knows everything and he is everywhere….success shall be ours when OLUWA is involve

    108. Nwangele John Sunday 3 years ago

      Our elders says “Instead of d child of a native doctor 2 die, all d herbs in d bush will be “exhausted”. MEANING: there is no problem without solution”. So waec can’t be ur problem b/c there is solution and dat is: read ur books as if ur lyf lys on reading books. Wish u all good luck.

    109. johnson 3 years ago

      Dis 1 dat d exam is very fast dis year , so when will they release the result cos i picked funaab as ma first choice and nd they don’t accept awaiting? Pls ℓ̊ nid a quick reply

    110. Ogie stevo 3 years ago

      I am very happy and satisfied with dis time table and we are goin 2 hear good news about d result

    111. S Mu El 3 years ago

      I nyd god help dis tym frnd helper were could I get waec syllabus.

    112. Abdulrahman Aliero 3 years ago

      As 2013/14 WAEC will be started, “ALLAHUMMA LA SAHALA ILLA MA JA’ALTAHU SAHALA, WA ANTA TAJ’ALUL HAZNA IZA SHI’ITA SAHALA” may Allah help and guide us!

    113. Omotunde tobi 3 years ago

      The fact that u have done waec several times and u kept failing doesnt mean u shuld give up,because passing it is as a result of burning desires that knows no defeat.

    114. Temple Nwosu 3 years ago

      Why do people believe in examination malpratice

    115. Onovo kenneth 3 years ago

      May God almighty help his people

    116. Fayomide 3 years ago

      God is in control.

    117. Donald benson 3 years ago

      I wish u all success in this upcoming exams.just believe in God and have faith in him and He the almight God wil make u all to smile.

    118. please how can i download waec syllabus.

    119. phoenix prince(agada) 3 years ago

      tnk u very much 4 ur support,may God bless u all…may God help us in dis yr’s waec.gud luk 2 all my fellow candidate

    120. Kabiru adamu 3 years ago

      I like d arrangement of the 2o13 waec timetable, may God Help.

    121. Okafor Stacey 3 years ago

      How to download the 2013/2014 weac syllabus?

    122. obuche 3 years ago

      helloo palz waec exam is ahead of os o we need to read hard day and 9th no stoping 2be a science studnet is not easy at all o.good luck 2all waec writters luv u all. Una fit send yahoo messager go examination holl go writte exam 4una joor o!

    123. Ogah moses 3 years ago

      Guys exams is here, God help us all

    124. LEDUM 3 years ago

      I have writing waec 2times no hope dis is one wil make it 3times pls i want u all to be prayin 4 me thank u

      • Gambia 3 years ago

        In life, the only guarantee u can have 2 be successful is when u are captured by ur dream,so therefore be of d faith of optimism and not dat of pessimism,wish u success

    125. comfort udoh 3 years ago

      i wish all waec candidates success in jesus name.

    126. Sabdeck 3 years ago

      Oh alha, grant mi wisdom to pass my waec. nd i wish all waec candidate d best of luck

      • SADIQ 3 years ago


    127. Haruna tanko 3 years ago

      Its however very sordid student nowadays sleep 4rum 8:00am 2 6:00 during exams and expect magic 2 take it course, in ending wit low grade while the accussing figures go 2 the “teaching staff” wit little consideration that the harbinger of success is hardwork.
      Those, who really sweat 4 their academic achievement will definately scale through. I wich all WAEC candidate a high grade

    128. Mr John Okoye 3 years ago

      I really want to thank you so much for all your latest Updates about Waec 2013, Your blog is so much helpful to my son. Thanks

    129. Afolabi 3 years ago

      Its gud 2b aware about WAEC all the time

    130. stanley nwabueze 3 years ago

      please can some one tel me hw i can download this waec syllabus please i need to know because i also writing waec this year

    131. okpokri michael 3 years ago

      d God of E.A Adeboye nd d God of pastor syvanus esene grant mi divine wisdom 2 write dis exam

    132. okpokri michael 3 years ago

      pls God help in ma waec.

    133. Aku Christian Koku 3 years ago

      follow the link and get it.

    134. Aku Christian Koku 3 years ago

      tank tall notworkers.

    135. joel utuk 3 years ago

      pls, what are the procedure in getting the syllabus for 2013,

    136. Tobi Gbenga 3 years ago

      pls, where can I download WAEC syllabus.

    137. Humble Emmanuel 3 years ago

      Who is holding my gce witheld?

    138. Humble Emmanuel 3 years ago

      Who is holding my gce witheld?

    139. Oyinlola 3 years ago

      May God help us

    140. Alabi Gideon 3 years ago

      God help me in dis my exam. But 2 b sincere we all must read

    141. umar ibrahim 3 years ago

      may God help Ak,prince,moh’d and diksa pandy in our weac and neco Amin

    142. Prosper ochiabuto 3 years ago

      I need waec syllabuses

    143. Derrick Antwi 3 years ago

      where can I download the s.h.s syllabus.

    144. ABASS 3 years ago

      waec, god hav mercy upon all ketu college student

    145. John Felix edeje 3 years ago

      It is only God the author and the finisher will rewarded you people, I’m very greatfuly when i saw this time table.

    146. Ahmed tijani 3 years ago

      I love ksp as a school may almighty allah be with rector ajibero. A man of integrity, humbleness, commitment, dedicated n good model. I advice dt student should take time 2 pray n devoted to his study may almighty allah show u true in ur waec n give u a remarkable performance. (Ameen)

    147. Ahmed tijani 3 years ago

      It has surplus 2 d people especially those dt is taking waec exams dt exams wil hold on 18th of march 2013. I wish all waec takers a massive best of luck and grant those dt is marking it long life and prosperity. Wishing u A1 in all ur results.

    148. Omolayo Emmanuel 3 years ago

      Itz sensible 4 students to read ahead of exams(especially scientists lyk me)nd remember pals”D BEST PERSON U CAN EVER BE IS URSELF”

    149. Gama nehemiah 3 years ago

      That is good think keep up put waec time table in net

    150. Owusu Alfred 3 years ago

      Is there going to be private exams is year for senior high school.

    151. Casmir ejike 3 years ago

      Felo lagosians, hw this waec tinz go be nah?…

      • divine ogboo 3 years ago

        pals all over west africa, hope you are really preparing for the exam?

      • Young Keffi 3 years ago

        It wil b gr8, superb, excellnt if onli we are prpard. U noe “he who fails 2 plan, plans 2 fail” so we reali, reali need 2 prpare. Buh i av a questn 4 u wch z – ARE U PREPARED?

        • comfort udoh 3 years ago

          yea ama fully prepared 4 dis waec dunno abt odars

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