• Increase In Malpractice as NECO Releases 2015 Nov/Dec Results

    NECO Releases 2015 Nov/Dec GCE Results.

    The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released the results of the 2015 November/December General Certificate Examinations (GCE) with a reported increase in cases of exam malpractice compared to last year’s exam.

    The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the examination body, Prof. Abdulrashid Garba, while announcing the results in Minna on Wednesday, said that a total of 50,060 candidates registered, out of which 47,507 sat for English Language while 47,554 sat for Mathematics.

    Garba said that out of the number that sat for English,29,718 representing 62.55 per cent obtained credit pass while 32, 484 that sat for Mathematics representing 68.30% passed at credit level.

    neco result statistics

    NECO candidates writing exams

    He said that of the 39,389 candidates that sat for Biology, 17,227 or 43.73 per cent obtained credit pass.
    For Chemistry, out of 22,284 candidates that sat for the examination, 11,951 representing 53.63 per cent made it at credit level.

    The registrar added that out of 22,201 candidates who sat for Physics, 818 or 3.68 per cent passed the subject at credit level, while in Geography, 19, 781 candidates sat for the examination, and 3,851 or 19.46 per cent passed at credit level.

    “In view of the fact that the examination was for private candidates who were no longer in the school system and looking for one or two credits, the desperation to engage in malpractice was high.

    “This led to an increase in the percentage of candidates involved in malpractice, compared to the figure for 2014,” he said.

    Garba said that the NECO was devising more ways to reduce malpractice in the examinations in order to counter the various illegal strategies adopted by candidates.

    He said that malpractice was on the increase, adding that a comparative study showed an increase between 2014 and 2015 in most subjects.

    The Registrar added that candidates can now check their results online by visiting the following link, >>NECO GCE Result Checker

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    1. festusudochukwu457 10 months ago

      Dear NECO ..
      I humbly write to express my innermost feeling
      about the just released
      examination (GCE NOV/DEC 2015) Result..
      That I had to struggle, working hard day and
      night, hustling all
      through the sunny day to make that #11,350 for
      registration and other
      miscellaneous expenses for registration ..not
      enough-to the value of
      my sweet I had to keep sleep dead (stay awake in
      the night reading to
      the tip of my ability to make sure I survive the So
      called NECO
      The money might be of change to you
      management or staffs in charge but
      if u really know what # 1000 means to people
      outside your circle you
      will have to respect the struggle of the poor, and
      average Nigerians
      who are are struggling to be educated..
      What do I mean in summary . I am
      Name: Festus Udochukwu
      Exam NO 18301832JD
      Who registered for Nov/Dec neco gce examination
      and kept to my tent
      all through the night and day solving, reading,
      summarizing and was
      prepared for the Examination which came and
      gone ..The result was a
      thing we had to go up the sky praying to God
      Almighty for it to be
      released .
      and it was released after many who counted on
      you had lost their
      admission because of no Neco to support their
      Waec result for
      Now what My own case was Like “who owns this
      Today Could have been the worst day I had ever
      in my life considering
      all I had to go through for the examination and
      going to the Web to
      Name: Festus Udochukwu
      Exam No: 18301832JD
      Eng > C6
      Math> D7
      Bio >F9
      Phy >F9
      Geo >D7
      Govt >F9
      Lit Eng>F9
      as my result I had to ask my self some questions
      considering how far I
      have gone in organising tutorials for immediate
      secondary school
      pupils who had made good results and had
      thanked the God Almighty who
      did it through Me… Etc. I took it as Neco been
      so poor in
      assessment, so Money conscious* Yes because
      Am invigilator told us
      during the examinations that most of the scripts
      giving to mark by
      some school teachers are done in other words to
      fail students tagging
      it exam malpractices and so on so as gain more candidates registering
      for the same exam next year.. I Mr Festus
      Udochukwu is disappointed in
      the Called Neco as who God Forbid Me writing
      any exam like
      Neco…..because I value my sweet and time and
      my life not wasting my
      energy writing on an incurable board exam said to
      have the ability in
      conducting examinations.
      Because I knew what I wrote was not what given
      to me as my result and
      can defend it even if when called upon any time…
      God Bless Nigeria God Bless WAEC for not letting
      Neco turn my day
      Dark….but God Help Neco to see and Manage
      Aggrieved Festus Udochukwu

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