• Requirements for Nigerian Navy dssc Direct Short Service Commission

    Requirements for Nigerian navy dssc application. Applications are hereby invited from suitable and qualified Nigerians for enlistment into the Nigerian Navy through the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 23 in the under-listed departments:

    Requirements for Nigerian Navy DSSC

    1. CHAPLAIN Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a registered institution of theology from either of the following:

    • Catholic Mission
    • Protestant Mission

    Applicants must have completed one year apprenticeship in Apostolic Ministry and recommended from the pastoral missions. Diploma certificates from either the Protestant or Catholic Ministry will be an added advantage. Applicants in addition to qualifications required must be duly ordained clergy of their respective Christian faith.

    2. EDUCATION Applicants must possess B.Ed/PGD in Education (in addition to a first degree for holders ofaPGD) in the following fields:

    • Mathematics.
    • Statistics.
    • Physics.
    • Chemistry.
    • Geography.
    • French.
    • Computer Science.
    3. ENGINEERING Applicants must possess a BSc or HND or equivalent qualifications in the following fields:

    • Naval Architecture/Ship Design.
    • Mechanical/Marine Engineering.
    • Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
    • Aeronautical Engineering.

    Membership of Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN) will be an added advantage.

    4. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Applicants must possess a B.Sc., BA, HND or equivalent qualification in Personnel Management, Public Administration or Human Resource Management. Membership of NIM and other relevant bodies is an added advantage.
    5. HYDROGRAPHY Applicants must possess a BSc Degree or HND in the following fields:

    • Cartography
    • Surveying/Geoinfomatics
    • Geophysics
    • Physical Oceanography

    Membership of NIS is an added advantage. Applicants with B.Sc degree in Physics and Mathematics must possess a Post Graduate Diploma in Land Survey to be eligible.

    6. IMAM Applicants must possess BA Degree in Islamic Studies with special reference to Islamic Jurisprudence and Theology. Diploma in Counselling Psychology will be an added advantage. Applicants with Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies must have 5 years experience. Applicants must be able to read and write in English Language.
    7. INFORMATION Applicants must possess BA in Mass Communications, Communication Art or Public Relations.
    8. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Applicants must possess B.Sc/B.Tech in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, B.Eng Electronics or B.Eng Computer. Priority will be given to candidates with additional relevant qualification in:

    • Website design and management
    • Networking and network administration
    • Programming and software development
    • ORACLE or CISCO or JAVA certifications coupled with relevant working experience
    9. MEDICAL Applicants must possess the following as applicable:

    • Nursing: BNSc or equivalent with post basic qualification in a nursing field. Sub specialisations such as ICU, A&E, Theatre, Anaesthesia will be an added advantage.
    • Radiography: Minimum of BSc/HND required.
    • Bio-medical Engineer: Minimum of BSc/HND Biomedical Engineering is required.
    • Medical Records: Minimum of BSc/HND required.
    10. MUSIC Applicants must possess BA/HND in Music. Proficiency in any musical instrument will be an added advantage.
    11. SPORTS/PT Applicants must possess BA/HND in Physical & Health Education or equivalent. Proficiency in any physical sport will be an advantage.
    12. SEAMAN Applicants must possess B.Sc/HND in Nautical Sciences. Membership of relevant professional body will be an added advantage.

    To apply, visit >>Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment Application Form<< for details.

    Best of luck To You all...
    CampusPortalNG Team

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    1. willie 8 months ago

      Pls can someone who study building tech with upper credit apply ?

    2. andrew oladokun 8 months ago

      I studied mass communication in the university of Lagos, and i am looking to join the Nigerian army, particularly the Nigerian Navy. I have exceptional resilience and can function in the capacity of p.r.o for the Nigerian navy. I have exceptional abilities in the areas of fitness, and resilience and i am also a team player. i would like to reiterate that I possess exceptional abilities in the aforementioned areas and i am also a dynamic communicator with extensive use of written and oral English. how do i get started in the Nigerian Navy

    3. Moses 9 months ago

      Good morning to you, I was actually expecting that they will be vacancies for administrative discipline like ACCOUNTANCY etc. Please kindly update me.

      thank you

    4. Ade 9 months ago

      I graduated with HND Accounting, can I apply?

    5. Mohammed Bello Inuwa 9 months ago

      How on earth any serious recruitment can come up and exclude Lawyers and Doctors all together at the same time, and by a whole almighty Nigerian Navy?! This is recklessly ridiculous and lack of common sense compared to U.S Navy or the navies of other developing countries! That is why Nigeria is always backward when it comes to the security issue. All the security institutions lack the required, mentally security calculation at all! It’s unfortunate indeed!

    6. Uwaisu 9 months ago

      Can a Bsc.Applied Chemistry apply?

    7. barnabas alexander 9 months ago

      I graduated with upper credit in business administration but I don’t have a professional certificate can I apply?

    8. idris abubukar 9 months ago

      I’m a BA Holder in Islamic studies but with a second class lower can I apply for imam.?

    9. Nwosu chibuzor Emmanuel 9 months ago

      Pls I study geology, can i apply

    10. Elijah Udoh 9 months ago

      Why can’t somebody at 35years apply for a DSSC course with Nigeria Navy?

    11. Henry 1 year ago

      I have 2nd class upper in BSC/ED & B.ED. social science education (social studies major). Am i eligible to apply? Thanks.

    12. Henry 1 year ago

      I have 2nd class upper in BSC/ED & B.ED social science education(social studies major) from university of Jos and am 32 years old am i eligible to apply? Thanks.

    13. G.O.C 1DIVISION 1 year ago


    14. Aliyu muazu 1 year ago

      God bless Nda

    15. Nnaji Godwin Chibueze 1 year ago

      when will a university graduate retire in naval force

    16. Samson 1 year ago

      Pls i need more information on how to go about this Navy,i really it,i want to apply….someone pls help

    17. adeniji 1 year ago

      i have Hnd in printing technology and i will love to serve my nation in this arm of service.

    18. Adesina Ogunsakin 1 year ago

      i would like to be informed whenever the direct short service form is out for nigerian navy

    19. Suleiman 1 year ago

      I like dssc, i read agric science. can i apply?

    20. Oraegbu Andrew 2 years ago

      Just want to know the form for 2014 will be out.tnx

    21. idoko jude 2 years ago

      Can a B.agric (crop production) 2nd class lower(2.2) with a professional certification cisco apply?

    22. Isuwa yohanna 2 years ago

      Pls sir i,m studen of theology iwan to aplay for chaplen

    23. Oche Emmanuel Ogenyi 2 years ago

      Can a graduate from the Department of Public And Community Health science, gain admission into the Nigeria Navy Short Service Commission ?

    24. morphi 2 years ago


    25. Profile photo of Abbaaska@yahoo.com
      Abbaaska@yahoo.com 2 years ago

      I hereby to whrite and apply for seeking an admission into Nigerian navy for a short services course. Am yunusa Abubakar from bauchi state jama’are local government, i have N.C.E certificate. I hope my application will be given consideration. Thanks

    26. Ezeala Stanley Nnamdi 2 years ago

      I studied Ed/Geog. with second class lower (I.e. 3.38 CGPA). Also, I am computer lite rate. Am creative & willing to work in area of my endavour.

    27. junior 2 years ago

      (1) I cant swim, can i apply

      (2) is there a space for student who read agric?

      (3) I want to know if the form is out.

    28. Bankong Israel 2 years ago

      Naval cadet ship

    29. enakerakpo Bernard. 2 years ago

      pls I am Bernard I am an HND holder,with lower credit I don’t know if I can apply when the form is out?

    30. enakerakpo Bernard. 2 years ago

      pls I want to know if the form into Nigeria navy service is out pls am HND holder with lower credit I don’t loan if I can apply.thanks

    31. Arogba 2 years ago

      is 2014 dss form out?

    32. nazif sabo 2 years ago

      pls itsn’t any feild where a graduate of geography can apply

    33. maria williams 2 years ago

      hello pls hw can i join the nigeria navy 2014,ad hw to get acct which i will pay into tnks.

    34. Profile photo of phullcurrent
      phullcurrent 2 years ago

      Evrything tire me o!u want carry u certificate(first
      class nd second class) go dey shoot gun for war
      front.lol,u fit use ur certi do bulletproof sha?

    35. Profile photo of onye
      onye 2 years ago

      can i join d navy if i cant swim?

    36. Adefisayor Fiz 2 years ago

      I wish 2 be a seafarer

    37. Opara kelechi k,is HND holder.Am 28 years can I apply into nigerian Navy,couse I love to be a navy office,weather in a short or regular service.

    38. I love to enter nigerian navy

    39. gunn michael 2 years ago

      pls i read english and literature can i apply?

    40. Emmanuel 2 years ago

      Its okay.thanks for the info.

    41. Emmanuel 2 years ago

      Its okay.thanks for the info

    42. Bada Omolola 2 years ago

      How do i apply?

    43. abimbola oladipupo 3 years ago

      I wish to the future of people that study fine and applied art in nigeria navy. and also to know if a corps member can apply while serving his nation

    44. Wisdom Ekarika 3 years ago

      I have a professional certificate Marine Engineering Assistant and also I have been train as a marine navy so can I apply?

    45. Ferdinand Gil. 3 years ago

      Most of u dat didnt see ur departmnt can apply 4 ssc or dssc in d ñig army.4 ssc any qualificatn can apply.bt wen u enta u wuld b given d rank of a secoñd leuitenant jst one star.bt 4 d dssc dere re many qualificatn dere to apply wit..wit which u can apply wit ur profession u studied.den wen u enta, u wuld b given 2 star i.e lueitenant..nd d least grade u can apply wit is a second class lower unlike nig navy,dey only collect 4rm d range of second class upper.so i advise u guyz dat lik d military to shift in to d nig army.ENJOY UR LYFS.

    46. sanni.shariffdiin 3 years ago

      i luv nigeria navy but i am secondary school graduate, can i apply

    47. sanni.shariffdiin 3 years ago

      i am secondary school graduate,i just luv nigeria navy can i apply

    48. Sunnyskipo 3 years ago

      Pls we realy need d right information in order to help those wit 2:2 to aply 4 dis navy dss pls can some1 wt 2:2 aply? Tanx if u asist by replyn

    49. Garba jinjiri hamisu 3 years ago

      what of agriculture

    50. Christian 3 years ago

      I graduated with 2nd class upper in philosophy but have not gone for NYSC. Can i apply?

      • philip chukwuma obi 2 years ago

        just finished with my NYSC, I graduated with a lower credit, quantity surveying, HND. want to knw if am gud to apply

    51. Igwe george 3 years ago

      Evrything tire me o!u want carry u certificate(first class nd second class) go dey shoot gun for war front.lol,u fit use ur certi do bulletproof sha?

    52. Ashipu Paul 3 years ago

      I graduated with a second class lower in physics, am i qualify to apply?

    53. John Mighty 3 years ago

      I finishd wit thirdclass as a Plant Science (BIOLOGY) Graduate having a proffesional cert. of PMP. Can i apply?

    54. obanla 3 years ago

      i love nigeria NAVY… JUST BE OPTIMITIC.

    55. Gambo Auwalu 3 years ago

      i believe now is my time by d GRACE andMERCIES OF GOD. AMEN and AMEN

    56. Joseph 3 years ago

      If Psychology is nt there no course will, check it rigt there my brother. Check through the medicals u wil see it as clinical psychology with Bsc or Msc qualifications.

    57. Omoroke Femkul Focus 3 years ago

      can Agriculture related discipline apple also, because non of agricultural course is mention in the recruitment guideline.

    58. Olorunjuwon Cornelius 3 years ago

      Dis recruitment is gud 4 Nigerian graduates who are willing able to work & are interested

    59. ikwuoche joy 3 years ago

      pls, hw can we get pass questions for the exam? or do any body have an idea about the exam i.e how the questions come or the mode of the exam. pls i need ur help here.

    60. Olawuni Wale 3 years ago

      pls, can somebody enlighten me on how to buy voucher.

    61. Vincent Yayock 3 years ago


    62. sam Adebayo 3 years ago

      I graduated with 2.2 and I read mass comm,though my course was mentioned but does anyone has any info regardn 2.2 issue?

    63. zino 3 years ago

      by d grace f God i wl b finishin my sevice october so cn i b able 2 aply?

      • LEO DACHETSON 3 years ago


    64. kachi 3 years ago

      pls i studied Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Can i apply?

    65. zino 3 years ago

      I wl av my nysc discharge certificate in october 10th by d grace f God so, i’m qualify 2 aply? Pls smbdy tel me.

    66. Momodu Amina 3 years ago

      I have HND Civil Engineering but its Lower credit, I really need this opportunity. I’d be very honoured if I’m permitted to apply. Thanks

    67. Aminu musa Aniya 3 years ago

      Im a 2:1student, B.tech industrial technology education(Automobile) is my course of study. age:28. height:1.8m. can i apply?

    68. Omozuafo Henry 3 years ago

      A number of courses are not mentioned. I don’t understand why. I studied Psychology, had a 2.1. where do i apply. I didn’t see psychology there. To be honest, you need us in any of your departments. No kidding!

    69. Imoter Msugh-ve Moses 3 years ago

      how am I going to buy my voucher? pls help me out…

    70. Imoter Msugh-ve Moses 3 years ago

      somebody help me o hw can I buy my voucher?

    71. destiny 3 years ago

      Pls I. Study fine and applied and is not among them pls u people should consider us

    72. Nwenyim Sunday I 3 years ago

      Iam indeed very happy 4 dis opportunity. I pray God to make ds hapen according to his plan 4 me. Amen.

    73. Lawwy 3 years ago

      Hello pls can some one who read Transport Planning and Management apply for Logistics or Education. All other requirements are met except that my course of study was not among.

    74. cleo laura 3 years ago

      What abt those d@ graduated with second class lower division(2.2). Pls consider them, I av a friend who has being waiting for this golden opportunity. Pls reply.

    75. Olusegun Sunday 3 years ago

      Its unfortunate that statistics is classified under Education in the Nigerian navy recruitment 2013(DSSC) and its only meant for B.sc, BA, B.ed but not include HND. This is not too good for me, i have HND in statistics-upper grade so to say and i am very proud of that and in my recent performance outside school system, i discovered i can do better than someone who hold B.sc or what have you. So please, if there is a way HND can also apply, i have interest in navy service and i love to serve there. Thanks

      • toyin ogunsesan 3 years ago

        Lopsided recruitment,how many graduate from public schools have 2:1,euphemistic way of increasing
        the dichotomy or gulf between affluence d and the masses in our society.IT IS WELL OOOOOOOO.

    76. Njoku Simon 3 years ago

      well with God on my side all things are possible, i believe it is well and to God be the Glory.

    77. Eloka 3 years ago

      Oh, I’v really prayed & waited 4 so long! Tnx 2 God; d ball has finally been set rolling. May d one who has made dis happen b blessed abundantly. God bless our country Nigeria & d Nigerian Navy!

    78. Abdullahi Ibrahim 3 years ago

      I have been looking ways of getting into nigerian navy force before now, God creat d enably opportunity for me

    79. Salako Damilare Isaiah 3 years ago

      This is a good opportunity and a way to reduce unemployment in the society, just pray that candidate will be taken based on merit and not connection. Thanks

    80. udeagwu chibuzo 3 years ago

      nigerian navy, an epitome of good service! God help us

    81. Ijale ogo Augustine 3 years ago

      I need this force…….. I want 2 serve ma father’s land……. God bless me….. 08030837169

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