• Shortlisted Candidates List for 70 RRI Zonal Screening Out

    Nigerian Army Result-Shortlisted Candidates List for 73 RRI Zonal Screening Out

    The Nigerian Army Non-Tradesmen/Women results for 73rri is now available. Click on the link below for details;

    >>73 RRI Screening Result<<

    Candidates are required to Log in to the Nigerian Army e-recruitment portal, www.narecruitment.org with their Username and Password to check the results.

    Zonal Screening Exercise for Non-Tradesmen/Women is scheduled for July 22 – 31, 2013 nationwide.

    All short-listed candidates are to attend the exercise at their various centres as indicated from 0700 hours.

    70 RRI Zonal Screening Exercise scheduled from 0700 hours 22 – 31 July 2013.

    States Grouping
    Recruitment Centres
    Screening Exercise
    35 Artillery Brigade
    Alamala Barracks
    22 – 31 July 2013
    2 Division Adekunle
    Fajuyi Cantonment
    Headquarters 34
    Artillery Brigade
    Obinze Barracks
    22 – 31 July 2013
    82 Division
    22 Brigade
    Sobi Barracks
    22 – 31 July 2013
    Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering
    1 Brigade
    22 – 31 July 2013
    1 Division
    23 Brigade
    22 – 31 July 2013
    33 Artillery Brigade
    Akwa Ibom
    13 Brigade
    22 – 31 July 2013
    Cross River
    4 Brigade

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    1. K 4 years ago

      Result is out 4 army recruitment

    2. ezedking ezekiel 4 years ago

      swet army i must be one of dam

    3. richman udo 4 years ago

      no individual can fight camoflash man an save na blood

    4. isaiah. D. Efemena 4 years ago

      pls my friends, the 70RRI nigeria army shortlist is out, pls go to the Web Site and check for your names ok. Enter www. narecruitment.org

      • Imrana 4 years ago

        Haw can i cheack my result and which or what is the username and password the like.

    5. Nnamdidurable 4 years ago

      I like army work but coruption want to enter into army we should not aggree

    6. kabeer abubakar mai'adua katsina state 4 years ago

      result is our for 70th regular intake

    7. Tokede adebayo sunday 4 years ago

      I want to nigerian army resut

    8. Mohammed audu 4 years ago

      I tnks god my name is among de shortlisted candidates for 70intake’

    9. Dare 4 years ago

      Pls Who is form ogun state

    10. Ado Musa Sani 4 years ago

      I Need List Of Candidate For 7orri Reguler

    11. Ail 4 years ago

      U are 4m were

    12. Gwaktim Binbong 4 years ago

      I pray for my name to be amount the short list

    13. St.Emmyz Emmanuel 4 years ago

      when is the DSSC Forces form coming out? I want to be part of the force. I love my country and I want to serve my country. Corruption got to stop…. Am good to go…..

    14. Ubaidu yusuf 4 years ago

      Yeah i tnxs god cuz i pass my exams

      • Cynthia Ngaikedi 4 years ago

        Please, how do you check yours

    15. Cynthia Ngaikedi 4 years ago

      How can someone check 4 he/her result nd which password nd username is dat

    16. Nwaforemmanuelo 4 years ago

      Pls why can’t my name appear after undergone pre-screening exam held at abakaliki military cantument 22 june 2013 70rri?

    17. Terhemen 4 years ago

      Pls i want 2 know how i can cheek my name.

    18. lets be prayerful and have deetermination that we have become an Aremy. I pray to God am part of the chosen one and Almighty Allah should let me be among it finally.

    19. omonla 4 years ago

      lets be prayerful and have determination that we have become an Army. I pray to God am part of the chosen one and Almighty Allah should let me be among it finally.

    20. Umahi Uwadiegwu Johnson 4 years ago

      I tank God 4 makin it possible 4 my name 2 b among d shortlisted candidates 4 70RRI, praise Him 4 He z gud 2 His pple

      • IFEDOZIE JESUSREIGNS 4 years ago

        How did you check it?

    21. bashir yau dadinkowa 4 years ago

      oh i need your prayer my name is appear in shortlisting candidate i thank almighty god

    22. Musa ja‘afaru Idris 4 years ago

      Ohh Almty Allah help me d result is out i pray my name is in. Frnds we need prayer wooo.

    23. Eze Victor 4 years ago

      pls cn som one tell me dy meaning of dy surname & password dey ar talking abt, & if u hv check dan hw did u check urs ?????

    24. Frank lucky uzoma 4 years ago

      Thank God am among the shortlisted candidates.

    25. Frank lucky uzoma 4 years ago

      I got the exam. God i thank u oooooooooooooooooo

    26. Nyerga Mkeghter 4 years ago

      Waoh wht an irony, tnk God 4 once again an opportunity of happiness. Our names are out.

    27. Mgbadike Richard 4 years ago

      I thank God 4 his lovin kindness, he show me love so i give him all the glory?

    28. Umar jamiu amoto 4 years ago

      God i pray dat my name is goin 2 be out insalahu

    29. Saka ibraheem opeyemi 4 years ago

      How can i check the result

    30. kabeer abubakar mai'adua katsina state 4 years ago

      yes thanks Allah i am pass my exam, frnds congratulation with me. I am very happy, Allah na gode maka Allah this time around is my intake to join nigerian army ameen ya Allah

    31. Chukwu Emmanueloga 4 years ago

      I love nigeria army best because i want to defend myself and my country be nigeria. Pls we are good to join nigeria Army that is the best job sir. May in God bless you all be nigeria army for the good work.

    32. Godson Sunday 4 years ago

      yes brother I hope so, and there is no doubt god has done it.

    33. Samson 4 years ago

      I tank u jesus for makein my name out

    34. Donald jen 4 years ago

      Othe lord jesus help us 2 succed dis intake ameen………

    35. David emmanuel 4 years ago

      can some help me verify abt doze dat did nt write d exam, is der any news dat d name of some re on d list pls call me i want 2 knw

    36. Henry 4 years ago

      God u failled me

    37. Azi 4 years ago

      Tang God 4 making me through

    38. Raphael 4 years ago

      Pls frnds hw can i cheak my own result?…some1 shld pls hlp me out.

    39. Aminu bayero 4 years ago

      Alhamdulilah sow my name 2 may allah help us pass de zonal screning

    40. lawal sani 4 years ago

      masha’allah my is out, allah yasa har final list amin sunma amin.

    41. emmanuel 4 years ago

      Thank God,the result is out but A̶̲̥̅♏ still waiting 4 ♍Ɣ result

    42. check result

    43. aminu 4 years ago

      i wish i will b among the lucky winner and be army of nigeria

    44. Omoguei Tosin 4 years ago

      I thank God that start should help and finished it, cos am so surprise of wat God has done 4 me…my name is on the shortlisted lists for 70RRI for non-trade.

    45. Bright 4 years ago

      God has done it 4 me again,i know my God is not asleep,i pray may God continue 2 favour all of us dat was short listed in Jesus name Amen.

    46. aminu 4 years ago

      thank god thet result is coming out

    47. simon iyk 4 years ago

      my good God, i give U all glory for U hv done. That my name is in the shortlist, my prayer is that lord let Ur pressence go with me as if as i go for the zonal screening in jesus name amen.

    48. Moh'd .a. Moh'd 4 years ago

      May God bless the cheif of army staff. Am princembk79@yahoo.com and all the army in nigeria.

    49. ODADA CHINEDU J 4 years ago


    50. Dan,asabe sani 4 years ago

      Pls my dear friends hw can i check my name?

    51. Salisu shehu kiru 4 years ago

      Alhamdulillah! Ma name is there.. OH ALLAH! SEE US THROUGH.. ALLAH NAGODE MA.

    52. ubaghaji joseph 4 years ago

      my God is alive for making my name to be listed.

    53. when will batch b come out for recruitment 70th

    54. Olamilekan 4 years ago

      I tank god o dat my name is part of surcessfull candidate,i pray 2 god dat help me start shold help me finised it o.wish all of us best of luck

    55. EGBURE WESLEY TIMADI 4 years ago

      List of succesful candidate for 70RRI exam

    56. Ekeson ogbonna 4 years ago

      Aman i also pray that the God that started it for us should also stand for the finishing

    57. I.O.E 4 years ago

      Plz 4those of we dat has 4gotin our username and password, wat alternative can we use!

      • Steven chigozie ibeh 4 years ago

        I can see my passwold wet can i do guy help me

    58. Mustapha hamza 4 years ago

      Pls how can i know the password

    59. Steven chigozie ibeh 4 years ago

      God help me to see my name .God u can do it for me i no

    60. David 4 years ago

      Pls my dear friends hw can i check my name 2

    61. dozzy 4 years ago

      when is d next 71thrri comin out and wat type of question are dey askin in d exam? Pls som1 shuld help me fast

    62. Gerald clinton 4 years ago

      Pls how can i chk d result na

    63. DAUDA IDRIS TIWADA 4 years ago


    64. Maliki 4 years ago

      Nigerian army here i come no going back inshaALLAH

    65. Okekhian Hillary 4 years ago

      I pray to every one that take the 70th regular intake form…i no every one is going to be Nigeria army.if u know you took it.. just beliv God will put our name dear..if u believe this prayer type AMEN

    66. ebor nicholas g 4 years ago

      i wish to see the ng army result of cross river which the exam took place on 22 july 2013 and the list

    67. Busayo John 4 years ago

      god will help us becos I belives in hem.

    68. Musa angulu pai 4 years ago

      Oh God i can see the resut pls hw can i do 2see it

    69. Steve 4 years ago

      Oh Lord destined it for me to be soldier.Wipe away my tears.Quench the fire that has kept on in me

    70. paul 4 years ago

      hw can we check our name in the screening result please

    71. MUSA ALYU 4 years ago

      Alhmdlill! Alhmdlill!! Alhmdlill!!! Am succecseful my screening exam nigerian army my allah help me 2 succesful any screening exam dun alfarmar annabi muhd (s.a.w) ameen i thnk god somuch

    72. Mohammed Ahmed 4 years ago

      Alhamdullih! Am among d succeful candidat, it nt over yet God help us to finish it (AMIN).

    73. Omini Victor Omen 4 years ago

      my time GOD.

    74. ajayi samuel 4 years ago

      pls help me check my friend result is name is OLAOYE TUBOSUN DAYO

    75. Nura ummar 4 years ago

      I so thank god 4 seaing my name 4 shortlist rr intake

    76. zanka richard 4 years ago

      hw cn i check my name in nigerianarmy shortlist?

    77. Donald jen 4 years ago

      Thank u JESUS 4 counting me amoun the shoulisted candidate 4 the nigerian army AMEEN…‘..‘‘‘let every body that apply 4 the nigerian army 70intake succed AMEEN IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEEN….LET GOD COUNT US AGAIN 4 THE ZONAL AMEEN… ESCREENING

    78. Samuel alex 4 years ago

      Need more info

    79. Sunday Elelere 4 years ago

      tnk God, I blive my lil bro wil make it dis time 2 com nd join us.

    80. victor idoko 4 years ago

      God i know your God of mecy have mecy on us.thank you lord.see all of us through.in the process of the screening AMEN,

    81. Azi 4 years ago

      I tang God i am 1 among d shortlist

    82. sunday 4 years ago

      i’m tryin 2 c d names of d candidate dat wrote d exam of nigerian army,bt i dnt kn hw 2 check pls sumbody shld tell me hw

    83. Prays god; wen i ws go and colect nigeria army form one of my broda course for me bcs of i dont tell him be4 i conect it but nw i thank god about what god do in my life;bcs i am among of d pple i cn nt 4get my god thank u god

    84. Kaz 4 years ago

      Where are dose from delta attending their screening? Tnx

    85. ebor nicholas g 4 years ago

      i wish to see the ng army result list of cross river state which the exam took place on 22 july 2013

    86. mohamed 4 years ago

      headquarters 34 brigade benin s d screening center 4 delta state

    87. ebor nicholas g 4 years ago


    88. Ossaiemeke 4 years ago

      Edo state,delta state and bayelsa will be at benin 4 dea screenin exercise

    89. Ofoke jonna 4 years ago

      I have been trying to join nigerian army since five years ago, but after everything they we cancel my name from my state, i m not happy, pls!! pls!! i wont to join nigerianarmy.

    90. Elijah, Ubong 4 years ago

      Please someone should help me wit the zonal screaning requirement needed.? Tanxx

    91. Mohammad Aliyu 4 years ago

      I thank Allah (swt) who create the earth and the hevend i among of those candidate dat saw there name’s

    92. Lirfa vongjen 4 years ago

      God is my helper. Please I was asked to enter pin code b4 I c my result. Please which one b pin code

    93. Bakpo Godfrey Barivule 4 years ago

      I am much happy that am shortlisted in the 70RRI result, i gave all thanks to God Almighty who made it possible, and i also pray that i should be among those that they choose at calaber. All my Good wishers please pray for me and i will not forget you, so help me God.

    94. Chiaha solomon 4 years ago

      Pls somebody should help me by telin me hw 2 check de result nd whch site 2 long in

    95. Pls my pple,i want 2 check d result but i coudnt no how 2 do it

    96. Idowu 4 years ago

      I thank God for what he as done for me,i make it,now am good to go sir.

    97. suleimanabbdullahimohammed 4 years ago


    98. felix o f 4 years ago

      i wish u ppls gud luk

    99. alabi timothy 0 4 years ago

      pls i want confirm maybe their are going to phast second barch

    100. ubong monday udo 4 years ago

      i want God to make me to be mong, this intak to save nigerian all this i ask in Jesus name Aeme

    101. AKOLAWOLE BABATUNDE 4 years ago


    102. raji kaybby 4 years ago

      i tanx ALLAH 4 my own, my name appeared. My pray iz dat, Saria dix time is my time,INSHA-ALLAHU (amen).ZARIA Straight ni oooooooooooooooooo……………

    103. Emmanuel John 4 years ago

      God 22nd is the day again we all still need your help come to our aids because we don’t know what will happen that day but am going to pass the test IJN AmeeeeeeNnnnnnnn

      • dominic 4 years ago

        No worry God shall favour you in jesus name amen

    104. Vincent trinity 4 years ago

      I will make it in jesus name amen

    105. EKWEMOR AMBROSE UBAH 4 years ago

      Is all my prayer 2 go coz i know am very good to know..the lord is my strenght..

    106. Ogbonna Samuel 4 years ago

      Since my 65RRI am strugglin to join nigerian army no 1 to help me out. But all i knw is dat wat is mine is mine coz 1tin in diz life is dat if u r seekin a favour from god plz dnt give up coz 1day u will a happiest person. Wit god all tinx r possble. God is my strenght

    107. Ayelabolaoladayo 4 years ago

      I ear dat my name is out short list candidate but i dont no i go to chek pls can somebody help me now

    108. Eric 4 years ago

      God help me let my name be among of those enlisted into the 70RRI Nig. Army Force.

    109. dominic 4 years ago

      I appreciate God for what he has done to my fellow recruiters and i pray that my own should hapend like that too for trademen in jesus name amen

    110. Saleh ismail 4 years ago


    111. ibrahim 4 years ago

      pls help me i have forgotten my username and my password, what do i do now plssssssssssssss

    112. ibrahim 4 years ago

      yes result

    113. Gerald Bright 4 years ago

      I studied and trained hard for this recruitment exercis, and to my greates dismay i couldn’t see my name on the list, well i believe in God almighty & i say!! Who ever, or group of individuals that vehimently deprive me of that posision shall be deprived his or her’s by the God i serve, bcos iam so sure of what i wrote in the exam. God is my strenght my faith and my trust! My name is OKPOKO GERALD, My form number is 0114618, my exam town is Enugu. Its been my desire to defend this country, so help me God!

    114. sani 4 years ago

      wat eva hapen to u God hav ben alredy wrote it. We muslim said dat prophet muhammad says ” innallaha ma’assabirin” mins dat ”does ho ar petient ALLAh is wit dem” wat eva hapen to liv it wit GOD.

    115. Gerald Bright 4 years ago

      Thank u sani, iam so inspired by ur words.

    116. our god is gr8 for he has done for this tym around, and also thanking him make it posible for me 2 pass dz na exams. Pls. My fellowers dn’t give up even if ur name is among d shortlisted for d have a gr8 plan for u pls. Pray for the nigeria army 2 celect dose dat can bring paeace 2 lovely country nigeria

    117. chima opara 4 years ago

      I pray for 7ointake, but in dis game many are called but few are choosen?

    118. ojonugwa 4 years ago

      i sat for the recruiment examination for the 1st time nd i passed, is God not wonderful. am goin to be among of the people goin 2 zaria.Amen

    119. akande gabriel 4 years ago

      somebody help me hw will i see my result

    120. Salisu I 4 years ago

      He said.U all dont have 2 be worry,u ‘ll b there if u are min 2 b there.just have determination nd focus.G.I.W.U

    121. Muhammed hassan taiwo 4 years ago

      Am a candidate of allah and i willy make it inshall allah

    122. Victor 4 years ago

      Am in goin to deport

    123. MUSTAPHA MUNIRU 4 years ago

      (NO…….goning back NA)

    124. Mhmd abdullahi aliyu 4 years ago

      No one know ho go know depot na no going back one man one bullet!!!

    125. Joel yakubu 4 years ago

      Hw may i get d list of those succesful candidade?

    126. ubaghaji joseph 4 years ago

      Lord i thank you.

    127. Ayelabolaoladayo 4 years ago

      Pls how i go to get the code to chek my name

    128. Donald jen 4 years ago

      For dos who apply for nigerian army dis time iwan‘t every body 2 go 2 his or her neel any time his praying teling god pls an pls freind

    129. pls help me find my name ve try all d user name and password it’s not going pls help me my name is

    130. Dongs Kashap Dachung 4 years ago

      Pls help me check my name i wrote the nigerian army nd i dont nw hw 2 check it my names is Dongs Kashap Dachung nd my paswrd is 4567891 pls i wil be greatful i c name.

    131. john ezekiel 4 years ago

      Please i really need to check my name, before it too late

    132. I.Istfanus 4 years ago

      But u didn’t shortlist d successful candidate as u promise?

    133. M.MUSA 4 years ago

      Alhamdulillah. . . . . We are goin To DEPOT N.A INSHA ALLAHU RAHAMAN. . . . . .

    134. Matthew, A. 4 years ago

      Tank u JESUS i av seen my name. Pls God be wit me til i finish de screenin.

    135. James josiah 4 years ago

      I thank my God 4he haz made it possible 4me. My name iz dere, sure!

    136. Muktari 4 years ago

      Na wish place we dey go na,is it illorin or marcurdi?

    137. umar ak marma 4 years ago

      where ar u frnds does of you dat there doing fasting dnt play with ur opptunity dis is d month of rahama i mean ramadan,pray hard to get it. Allah said if u pray hard nd u ask me anytin in dis month i wll give u what u want

    138. Udeh chinemeze daniel 4 years ago

      so dis ppl did nt bring out my name

    139. Aminu muhammad 4 years ago

      Alhmdlh my name is also there in 70RRI in katsina state so let go there na deport no goin back

    140. alabi timothy 0 4 years ago

      add me on 2go chart alabi2309 i can chech it 4u

    141. oyebode ibraheem 4 years ago

      pls my people av not seen my name coz av try all d username i knwo pls help me out may allah be with us.

    142. babalola peter a 4 years ago


    143. Ibe hypolitus 4 years ago

      I no dat my name we be out in jesus name amen

    144. Ibe hypolitus 4 years ago

      I no dat my name we be out becos dis intake is my time 2 shine as a nigerian amry

    145. Gidoen Shuaibu 4 years ago

      God help your us for this job that we apply we live every thing to our baba God who is in heaven.

    146. Muhammad Hussaini Magama 4 years ago

      May Allah make it easy 4 us to achieve wht we want to achieve in the Name os Allah ameen

    147. Auwal adamu 4 years ago

      Auwal adamu 70 R.R.I by the gress god (s.w.a)

    148. patience 4 years ago

      God i tnk u fr gvn me d opportunity to go fr zonal screenin…bt am scared cos a frnd gisted me hw nd wot she unda goes,stil tinkn if i should quit…baba help me!

    149. patience 4 years ago

      Pls wic side of anambra is dere screening?nd wot ar d things ar we goin wt?

    150. Confidence Mark 4 years ago

      Our help comes 4rm no were else, but D almighty God. All i want is just 2 going dere and be the strength 2 the weak once

    151. Confidence Mark 4 years ago

      Our help comes 4rm no were else, but D almighty God. All i want is just 2 going dere and be the strength 2 the weak once. Dis my line 07064391954

    152. Adama joseph 4 years ago

      I thank God 4 making me be among of those that going 2 depot nd may his name be wonded 2 be praise nd what are the requirement needed in the zonal screening somebody should help me nd let me kw the requirement nd may the almighty God lead us their nd gve us power 2 save our country nigeria.

    153. Ayelaboladayo 4 years ago

      I thank GOD bez i among d cadidate

    154. micheal Basil Ugadu 4 years ago

      God has answer des year candidate dey prayer I wish 2 get mine next year AMEN……!?

    155. Freeman freedom chizuruoke 4 years ago

      By the name of jesus christ, i freedom freeman c, dis 70rri is mine. Notin can change it amen. I am a winner in dis 7orri and i cover my name in dis 70rri wit blood of jesus christ. My god, my jesus pls see me true dis time put me in ur list pls amen.

    156. Idowu omotee 4 years ago

      It God not man.lord perfect it in screening

    157. I like nigerian Army

    158. Godwin peter okoliko 4 years ago

      God av cin each n evry 1 of u tru.

    159. matthew matthew sunday 4 years ago

      oh God help me to succed in this screning

    160. i wnt to check the nigeria recuirtment examination result and the names if the result is out

    161. i need u lord

      • nwonuvu emmanuel 4 years ago

        God,help me to become a soldier,no matter hw it is,i must be a soldier b/c it is my target,and i knw wit god all things are possible.

    162. NUKA NDII 4 years ago

      O Lord my God, give me d grace to skay through d zonal screening exercise!

    163. Adesanu samson 4 years ago

      Lord help me for my remaining screaning now

    164. ashaolu folasade 4 years ago

      halleluyah 2 thy lord dat let ma name 2 be among denm i know qwill all overcome any tribulation of d screening in jesus name.bq

    165. Salim salis 4 years ago

      I need to see all i can do for allah to show me this day and i tank u allah for your plesure

    166. Mike dubem ike 4 years ago

      Why Nigerian I mean the people in the upper aims of governement wouldn’t aloud orphan and fatherless sons and daughters join to benefit from this recruitment. Is crime for someone who doesn’t have gods father or a high ranking officer to join Nigeria army again. I could remember wen my mother’s brother force into nigeria army which he lost his life. God pls Fight for the poor masses. No gods father no good to go.

    167. i want to check my result for shrtlisted from enugu.

    168. Ubi williams vincent 4 years ago

      God almighty let the screening be a thing of joy o God as i pray Amen.

    169. Mohammed Ahmed 4 years ago

      Lord i need ur help in the screeing execise coz i can’t do it by my self so i need u.

    170. Muhammed hassan taiwo 4 years ago

      Oh allah i lay my hand on 2u on dis screaning exercies pls help me out let me sourced by d name of ur good friend mohammed rollulahi(s.w.s)amin be wit allah i v nobody but u only i v help out

    171. Oh god of mercy,i thank god that i saw my name amoan succeefuly candidates,and i belive on you god for the next screening step two god i need ur help.

    172. Oh god of mercy,i thank god that i saw my name amoan succeefuly candidates,and i belive on you god for the next screening step two,god i need ur help.

    173. Oh allah i thank you for your mercy

    174. Donald jen 4 years ago

      If i can not fly iwill run if i can not run i will warked if i can not warked i will kip moving nometter army become i no 1 de one time joint dem dis time in JESUS I PRAY AMEEN

    175. Nkwak Bulus Arji 4 years ago

      Oh my God, ur children r crying, wipe away their tears 4 them.mke dem build dis our country Nigeria,2 prtct lives nd prpties of dis country nd 2 defend Nig againts our enemy such as Bokoharam, armrobbers nd corrption in Nig entirly.

    176. Samson 4 years ago

      Thank u jesus

    177. in the name of allah god help us for candidates list for nigerian army

    178. Oyama osekwine 4 years ago

      How can one c d name of those who succeeded in the non trade examination in the nigeria army? I’m so confuse cos my broda is involve so i don’t just know how to check it somebody tell me please.

    179. ade samuel sunday 4 years ago

      i tank God 4 making me to b among de shortlisted candidate 4 70rri intake .i kwn i will make it dis time by God grace.i am waitin to c u all
      in depot dis time. GOd bless u all

    180. James josiah 4 years ago

      My preciouz “lord” ‘ll never fail me.

    181. Azeez taofeek abiodun 4 years ago

      I pray to alh to give me power to 4worldever in dis nigeria army

    182. James josiah 4 years ago

      Psalms, 23 & luke 11;9-11. Votory is mine starting 4rm now & 4ever. Oh! Mama Ritta, 1der wrker, let ur 1der rain on me distym around “lord”

    183. Umahi Uwadiegwu Johnson 4 years ago

      Weda lyf or death, i ‘ll succeed n zonal screenin & also n zaria dis intake weda satan lyk it or nt becoz d Almighty God z wit me hw can i b afraid, my fellow applicants jxt b prayerful God ‘ll c us through ok. C u pple n zaria.

      • James josiah 4 years ago

        My fellow applicant unah 2 m c h, offcoz we’ll meet in zaria “no going back”

    184. Samson 4 years ago

      Dis is wt i pray all my lif to becs and i pray i wil becm so in jesus name (AMEN)

    185. Gbakorun Stanley 4 years ago

      I thank God & I’m xo hapi az d result z out, I pray dat may d almigthy God guide nd protect us as we go 4 d exercise, In Jesus name, Amen.

    186. ISMAIL SUNUSI 4 years ago


    187. Yky 4 years ago

      Pls i want 2 know if we will be accomodated in d barrack for the screening exercise

    188. Charles godswill 4 years ago

      Wot can i say? Tank u lord 4 d ansa’s 2 my nid. I also tank u in advance 4 confirming me worthy 2 b among d next intake. ABASI BO EKOM!

    189. nwonuvu emmanuel 4 years ago

      I will make it in jesus name amen.

    190. nwonuvu emmanuel 4 years ago

      I will make it in jesus name amen.GOD this is my form no 0182475

    191. Peter 4 years ago

      God do with me as u wesh

    192. SAMUEL JN ORJI 4 years ago

      I thank you Lord Jesus for ur mercy on us, the people applying in the Nigerian army is calling you an I’m counting on u oh lord God, bow down ur ears oh God,for I’m poor an needy , i will pass an make a joyful noise to my LORD GOD, OBINZE THINGS ON POINT

    193. Sadiq usman 4 years ago

      Why is it dat som 1 wil not but a army 4form he wil mak it but u dat u ar roni abut u wil not mak it why why

    194. fyneface porgress 4 years ago


    195. Drambi Munyal 4 years ago

      I don’t understand is what happing in nigeria can person have any jobs on till the person have god father?

    196. Munyal Drambi 4 years ago

      I love nigerian

    197. Munyal Drambi 4 years ago

      I don't understand what is happing in nigerian. Why to get a job 4 poor person is not Eze on till u get a God father or God help poor people

    198. kabeer abubakar mai'adua katsina state 4 years ago

      ya Allah only you can help me in this secrening, i need you to help me Allah

    199. ring eli 4 years ago

      wel i realy tank God for evrything dat he has dne for me,throughout my lyf.dore i ve nt being op-tune,bt soon i wil be by de grace o4 God and i hpe to be better in de army for my career.

    200. fyneface porgress 4 years ago


    201. Reuben martins 4 years ago

      I hope u guyz will keep on saving God after u pass out of zaria,cuz he knws ur mind so dnt be too holistic bcos u need a job bcuz if d depot i passed tru 12 yrs ago is were u ar going to,dnt jst decive urslf my brodas.

    202. Victor 4 years ago

      My brothers n sisters God is great am so surprised for wat he has don ill keep preasing him even wen his done with me i have noting 2 say but only ogenedo

    203. Odeh Sylvanus Ejeikwu 4 years ago

      I will be very happy if i serve nigeria as my contry.

    204. Gideon shuaibu 4 years ago

      My Lord be with me, as my name will be ammount those that the are going to deput in JESUS name Amen.

    205. Gideon shuaibu 4 years ago

      We shoul live every thing to God he will save us free for this nigeria army and we when to save our fatherland Nigeria

    206. Daramola Gbenga Emmanuel 4 years ago

      To be d Glory

    207. HUMBLE PRINCE 4 years ago

      With GOD, nothing is impossible.

    208. Chris mogantem 4 years ago

      May God those are there Amen.

    209. joseph solomo ademola 4 years ago

      wen wl be 2013 secreen for dssc be.pls i need an update on this.tank u

    210. Tsee Aondofa Kelvin 4 years ago

      which site can i check my name

    211. nwonuvu emmanuel 4 years ago

      god,help me to to make this my target,i will be very greatful if u did it for me.

    212. kabeer abubakar mai'adua katsina state 4 years ago

      may Allah help us to passing this secrening ameen

    213. fyneface porgress 4 years ago


    214. Elemoro alabi olaniyi 4 years ago

      I 10q almighty allah 2 give me d happy and joy 4 my life, allah give me d fun 4 next training 4 70th Regular Recruit Intake. Insha allahu be qudratllah amin.

    215. fyneface porgress 4 years ago


    216. Iweriso .B. 4 years ago

      I thk God 4 makin me amog d shtlisted onece , i’m prayin dt he shuld stil gve us d strenight 2 over cum d trenin in jesus name amen.

    217. Iweriso .B. 4 years ago

      I thk god 4 wht he as done 4 me ds yr may is name be gloryfy amem.

    218. Oyebanji deji damilola

    219. Alexandra mercy 4 years ago

      My pple evrytin is in god’s hand,my pple let us keep on praying.

    220. ujowundueverestchisom 4 years ago

      live is a chiose and not a chance d chiose u make today makes your tomrrow. with God all thing are posible.

    221. ujowundueverestchisom 4 years ago

      God will do it for me

    222. Abdulazeez 4 years ago

      how can i get my password to chak my result for 70th RRI

    223. Donald jen 4 years ago

      Anoisement 2 every applIcant that every body that trust in JESUS will be succed in life or progressing let every body put his mine that we succed 4 nigerian army dis 70 rrl intake in jesus name i pray ameen…….

    224. Born 2 shine 4 years ago

      D God i save will not fail me dis time, he dat start d work in me will end with joy and happiness IJN amen.

    225. Born 2 shine 4 years ago

      My God stand my me as i start dis screening 2moro IJN amen

    226. bamidele sunday isreal 4 years ago

      victory at last

    227. No 70 Aba owerri Road Togos compound umungasi Aba

    228. Eng'r sanusi Dan Ashibi dk 4 years ago

      Hello brother and sister wake up and pry 4 god dont depend on relatives they can not help u b/c they dnt whant u 2 b come like them all they know is they family, my god hlp us amee. we hv no one to be they 4 us but god.

    229. Born 2 shine 4 years ago

      God we av started may u stand my me IJN amen.

    230. Mr. Jeremiah Ofem 4 years ago

      South south screening exercise in calaber is this name included. Ofem Onong Ofem.

    231. Abdulazeez alfa 4 years ago

      If u screening out let me no or add me on 2go dis my username nocoment01

    232. OLUWAFEMI PETER 4 years ago


    233. Ameh stephen 4 years ago

      is only God and godfather oooo

    234. Amadiobinna 4 years ago

      Nigerian is the best contary in the world i love nigerian i am pride

    235. Amadiobinna 4 years ago

      Army work is the best work earth

    236. H.ED,OMOKO MICHEAL 4 years ago


    237. Patto ejoh 4 years ago

      If u screening out let me no.

    238. Kamji shanding 4 years ago

      Thanks 4 d valuable information

    239. Musa Habeeb muhammed 4 years ago

      I am geting happy dat i wont 2be a nigeria army may god we b with us amen, all peple pray 4mi my peple tank u 4all nagode allah 4hever

    240. i love nigeria army


    242. Daramola Gbenga Emmanuel 4 years ago

      When is tradesmen/woman result will be out?

    243. Kalu Nnanna Ndukwe 4 years ago

      He wrote my name with a golden pen… He wrote my name my name is there… He wrote my name with a golden pen my naaaame is there……

    244. ajuga augustine o 4 years ago

      greetings 2 all my co applicant in the battle,nig army 2day S nt as easy as it use 2b.am appealing to all the Recruitment board Officers 2 consider those tht re despirate to join the army, its nt acrime for people tht re ready to served their nation,I have7credit including maths&English,1.75fit tall,i hve no physical challenge,pls hve pity mercy on us.ajuga Austine o 4rm cross river state.

    245. JAPHET 4 years ago


    246. Solomon Akpore 4 years ago

      I great Nigeria 4 d recruiltment i also grt d president may d lord help his children to achieve their goal.

    247. Adesipe Foluso Henry 4 years ago

      plz wen is d trademen result will out ? I Pray dat my name we be there may God help us.

    248. ijangah fidelis ugah 4 years ago

      Successful names

    249. Ekpang Anthony Abang 4 years ago

      I like Army force

    250. Garba lawan g. 4 years ago

      result is out?

    251. Ojo Dele paul 4 years ago

      Hi ojo dele paul,i plendge to nigerian my country to be faithful & to serve with intengrity.if my name is include,i wil

    252. oboyi sunday 4 years ago

      lord jesus pls help me it mi will 2 join army.bt i hav nobody 2 help ever sins am father less bt i no u will send me a helper.

    253. oboyi sunday 4 years ago

      lord jesus u hav never be temted an faid so i wil never 4 dow 4 dis army by ur grace amen.

    254. Jimoh sanusi 4 years ago

      To check my name

    255. UMAR YAHAYA GUSAU 4 years ago

      I like to joint Nigerian Army but the thing wey discourage me is fatherising, when you came from poor family u can’t make it.

    256. daniel jonh 4 years ago

      nigeria army now tun to nigeria police,

    257. daniel jonh 4 years ago

      nigeria army now trun to nigeria police due to therier corruption

    258. Ugomma thankgod 4 years ago

      Lord may ur wheel b done in my life in this 70intake nigeria army, dont pass my by OH GOD!

    259. OSHITA 4 years ago


    260. Adebakin gbenga 4 years ago

      I forgot my password

    261. Irmiya Gideon 4 years ago

      please ! where can i locate the shortlisted names of the various state

    262. Resuit

    263. uwaezuoke promise 4 years ago

      my name is uwaezuoke promise am a native of isiukwuato.is my profound gratitude to say that i love nigeria bt the problem they have is collecting bribe.

    264. MUSTAPHA MUNIRU 4 years ago


    265. Abdullahi umar 4 years ago

      I want to jone nigeria army

    266. I want 2 serve nigeria as army. but nigeria army din’t want 2 gv me the employment this is my nine times of sicking 4 employment and i wl never giveup even if try 100 times b’cos trayers neva fail. Nigeria army should pls help me out for God sake.

    267. umogane juliet 4 years ago

      Nigerian army

    268. umogane juliet 4 years ago


    269. adeyemi taiwo 4 years ago

      I wish to be an army amen

    270. AMALI C.GODWIN 4 years ago

      AMALI .C GODWIN Posted 28 July. i qulckly inform the triay people that should never giveup and then God can’t sleep therefore believer in Jesus Christ everything’s is possable by God just be prayerful and apply u will see thee or obtain thee in name of Jesus (Amen)

    271. Oladayo rafiu 4 years ago

      I want nigeria army to help the soildie 4 ther promotion this year, becouse of lack of vecances,

    272. Ayidu regard 4 years ago

      nigerian army trademen resuit out

    273. Azogor Isong Peter 4 years ago


    274. emmanuel 4 years ago

      ï ve been screened out oh God!

    275. lawrence 4 years ago

      I want to be a nigeria army !god bless naija

    276. ABBA 4 years ago


    277. oriloye idowu ismaila 4 years ago

      nigerians army is very good

    278. Lamidi kazeem ojo 4 years ago

      I love army God is ep me?(AMIN)o o o

    279. Pls people help me oh! I wrote dis exam. Am unable to check my result and scerining is going on now what should I do pls?

    280. Ukanwa chukwuebuka 4 years ago

      What about d direct short service shortlistment ( DSS)

    281. umar haruna 4 years ago

      when is d list coming out pls

    282. yahaya idris ayyash 4 years ago

      i was born at nigerian army for ever

    283. anizoba samuel 4 years ago

      nigerian army u fall my hand why me nah

    284. Destiny soldier 4 years ago

      GOD will fight 4 us,hear me oh i pass every thing in my zonal screening, but when caling successful candidate names my name is not among, rather people that fail medical, running, physical fitness are selected as successful candidate. When is such goin 2 stop in nigeria my brothers and sister, if not 4 the love of christ and scriptural understanding i have, i can do any thing, many youth have been hold of their right becouse we are poor, with such can this nation be at peace? 4 those of you that have the same problems, our fathers pass true it, now we are facing the same, will our childrens come and face the same thing? NO.

    285. IBRAMMED MOHAMMD 4 years ago


    286. ukeme 4 years ago

      when will the DSSC b Shortlisted?

    287. Ogbonna nnamdi 4 years ago

      Please noticfy me if the nigeria army recruitment form is out

    288. oderaa 4 years ago

      i need to be updated about army form the next batch coming up this year by september

    289. wilfred. 4 years ago

      Pls I need to be informed when next the forms are out

    290. sule haruna 4 years ago

      4 ds nigeria army i av try alot so sir i need a help u pple officer’s in nigeria army, ds is my fift time dat i try ds so help me make almight Allah help dose ..

    291. .pls mk somone display de shotlisted names of 70 regular recruit 4 me

    292. ibrahim abullahi 4 years ago

      nigerian army should pls compenset those dat hv gud qulification.

    293. Afolabi 4 years ago

      I like Nigerian Army

    294. Bankole oluwabori 4 years ago

      God help me to get to my detination

    295. Abubakar Abdulrazak 4 years ago

      nigerian army on top.

    296. Usman N.O 4 years ago

      I will like to be get info about the recruitment cos i have interest in it…..

    297. Mayaki J A 4 years ago

      When direct short service (DSS) will do deir screenin

    298. success 4 years ago

      wana be updated with the information about Nigerian army

    299. Samuel andy umeh 4 years ago

      Zonal screening short-listed candidate

    300. Akila 4 years ago

      Pls sum1 should let me know if the form is out

    301. Akila 4 years ago

      Pls sum1 should let me know if the form is out. I want be among the nigerian army

    302. Amos udeme sunday 4 years ago

      Pls when nigeria army form is out let me know,I wanted to be a nigeria army

    303. james Daniel 4 years ago

      i want to serve my father land.

    304. MOSES AKOH 4 years ago

      HELLOW NIGERIA, I am to begg the nigeria army hdqtr to pls them to hear my crying, i hv try to enter army force good eleveen times but i culd`t succed, but now i am pleading the whole nigeria army hdqtr to help me becouse i love job and i ready to serve my country. Thank u all.

    305. Sunday Thomas Yinka 4 years ago

      Whc day Army requitment intake 70 will met in Depol

    306. Uthman sulaiman baba 4 years ago

      Pls nd pls help us, nigerian government we ar youth

    307. Uthman sulaiman baba 4 years ago

      Pls nd pls help us, nigerian government we ar youth, we jst start our life now, pls help us ooo,

    308. ibrahim ismail 4 years ago

      how about pass in english but more than three credits in oders in one sitting

    309. Buhari garba 4 years ago

      Why nigeraia army tademen an woman succed. Not to met depot

    310. Umar anas 4 years ago

      When the sucessfull candidate, for (trademen/wmen) will report to training ground.

    311. tochuks agumba 4 years ago

      70rri 4 non tradesmen n women.70rri 4 tradesmen n women is d best screning in abia n imo state@34 artrlry brigade-obinze baracks.long live d general n al odas dat made d intake sucesful.brigadier Gen. L.c Ilo.u ar d best.thank God

    312. Sola David 4 years ago

      as wonderful as Nigeria Army is why somebody must know somebody b4 one can be enrolled?

    313. nig army already do wayoo 4r me

    314. Udeafor solomon 4 years ago

      Pls when will the tradesmen/tradeswomen nigerian army moving to depot i want to know pls someone should tell me abeg oo

    315. Israel 4 years ago

      I wud forgo my good grade 4rm the university and pursue a carrier in the army cos dats we’re my heart lies.Ready to serve my country with the last ounce of my energy

    316. Peter Ini-obong 4 years ago

      One thing in this nigerian if u dn’t have any body u not-thing am trying my best 2 dis nigerian army but yet no way i pass d exam both medical at last knw way b/c why i have nobody thanks

    317. Dzawua iorsoo matthew 4 years ago

      Nigerian Army should make more way for will to find more way is the Army.

    318. alabi timothy 0 4 years ago

      Pls it is true their wil be second barch result for 70rr intake

    319. alabi timothy 0 4 years ago

      Pls it is true dat second barch wil be out dis weknd

    320. yusuf sule 4 years ago

      pleas when did second army shortlist is going to be out pleas tell me the real time

    321. Jafar amin 4 years ago

      I like nigerian army,i wnt two join us.

    322. Jerry monday 4 years ago

      Pls went did d tradesmen going to depot for training?

    323. Bolaji 4 years ago

      NIGERIA army

    324. Adisa kazeem Abolaji 4 years ago

      Pls somebody should let me know when the second barch form is out am ready to serve my father land

    325. Ubochi Godwin U 4 years ago

      I ,ve been tying dis since oh God i really need to join nigerian army oh!

    326. Gideon asdamu jeje 4 years ago


    327. Udeafor solomon 4 years ago

      Pls which second barge are they talking abt,when are we going to depot the tradesmen/tradeswomen nig army

    328. MR william osayomore 4 years ago

      i like nigerian army

    329. R B MASTER 4 years ago

      I try my bes to be a army in this intake but i no qlafai nex intake a will try agine, by dy gres of ALLAH pls friends pry for me thanks

    330. alhassan shuaibu magaji 4 years ago

      i wnt to be a good army hw can i buy foam?

    331. trailblazer 4 years ago

      for the tradesmen that screened at Obinze the info was that we should report to any nearby barracks on the 13 of Sept for further directives

    332. Oyetunde naphew 4 years ago

      News on nigerian army

    333. Oyetunde naphew 4 years ago

      Information on nigerian army

    334. Oyetunde naphew 4 years ago

      Updating message on my mail

    335. Oyetunde naphew 4 years ago

      News on army force

    336. lekan 4 years ago

      new on army force requitment, pls message me on my email

    337. Abubakar 4 years ago

      I will like to know when trademen are going to start theire training

    338. Adedoja wasiu 4 years ago

      Pls when wil another trades-men wil be registering?,. Is it possible 4 a yoruba man 2 register by using his indigeon letter in another state lyk kano or bayelsa?.

    339. YUSUF AUDU BABA 4 years ago

      jos i hap intares for nigeria defences

    340. Agbo 4 years ago

      I so much luv nigeria army and want 2b 1 of dem… But i have no body there..
      Can sombody help mi out?

    341. Ogbogo ejembi 4 years ago

      Wat are d requirement 4 d Training?

    342. Moradeyo Mayowa Adekunle 4 years ago

      Pls, when trade men and women are going for their training, or it is what happen in 65th RR1 still want to repeat itself? Pls let us know our faith.

    343. pls i want to no weather 2013 DSSC Programe have shortlisted.thanks

    344. kazman242 4 years ago

      i want to be nigeria army.

    345. longlife 4 years ago

      sir i am wanting 4 2013-2014 army form

    346. lamech lewis 3 years ago

      My name is lewis lamech I want to ask weather new recruitment form is out.please if have idea about it let me know this is my contact number 08038570693

    347. Dangold 3 years ago

      I want to b a nigerian army by d gress of god.

    348. Faroye sunday mercy 3 years ago

      Pls when the Nigeria Army 71RRI form is out, pls notify me by my email or Phone number: 08160117642.

    349. TASIU HASHIMU 3 years ago

      i like 2 be nigerian army

    350. Ekoja gabriel ekoja 3 years ago

      Sir, I love 2 b a soldier,pls sir wen wil da amry form be online

    351. HENJINU SAMSON 3 years ago

      I want to become one of nigeria greatest man in nigeria army to serve nigeria with all my heart and power so help me GOD.GOD HELP ME TO BE AMONG THIS YEAR. AMEN

    352. Pinkala 3 years ago

      A civilian told me that, Nigeria Army are doing bonanza, and i ask him how?, what he said was in does days, they recruitement use to be 40 per state but, nownis 100.

    353. Hamza abdullahi k 3 years ago

      I love it

    354. IJUDIGAL LASSA 3 years ago

      Nigerian army are the pillar that hold this country so l want to be 1 of them by GOD’s grace.

    355. Elachi solomon 3 years ago

      Corruption has taking over the nigeria army to extend that screen out those people that are willing to join the nigeria army.and recruit uncapable guy while the capable guy that are willing to join with their heart wailing.if may ask. how did you people think nigeria will be saved.is only God almighty that will interven inthis case oo.God nigeria ooo tobe corruption free oo.that is my comment.

    356. okunloye oluwatobi 3 years ago

      i love a guard people, dat y i want a serve my nation nigeria nd a guard them .may d lord help me

    357. kelvin essien 3 years ago


    358. Olujuwon anu 3 years ago

      Pls if u kw d time dat tradesmen form we b out pls tell me add me on my 2go lukaz205 or cal me 08137366855

    359. ECHEFU CHIDIEBERE 3 years ago


    360. Suleiman Abubakar 3 years ago

      I wnt 2 b a soldier.may God hlp us dis tym arnd amin nd here is my 07033306781 pls if d form is out alert guys

    361. Daniel Ijah 3 years ago


    362. ashimedualobi Ambrose oge 3 years ago

      I dream to be called rugged soldier

    363. sunnywise 3 years ago

      some day i gat 2b a soldier……… Azuayah

    364. Bala solomon simon 3 years ago

      Am really happy d form is out ooooo pls i wan 2 join nigerian army but i dnt really hav any 1 2 support me but i blive dat d God i serve will fight 4 me

    365. Ishaka bala 3 years ago

      I want to be notify about the nigeria army recruitment, 71 rri intake.

    366. sir tee 3 years ago

      Don’t ruch ur self

    367. Adikwu Audu Emmanuel 3 years ago

      I love 2 become a Army boy God help me pls

    368. Chibuzor okoye 3 years ago

      Frm my younger age i ave wished to be a soldier am still interested in becomin a serious one pls connect me if its ready

    369. EGBINADE KEHINDE OLANIYI 3 years ago

      Pls, notify me wen NIG amrmy form is out,I believe d GOD I serve wll fight 4 me. THANKS

    370. jimoh audu shaibu 3 years ago

      God this is my dream Carrier,and am handing it over to you prove yourself let me have every resin to say thanks,my going this time will be a testimony in Jesus name A..M…E..N

    371. lazarus elisha 3 years ago

      Pls wen are d goin to finaly release d nigerian army form for 71 regular recruit intake?

    372. Akara Samuel Chibuzor 3 years ago

      May the GOD i serve please render me this sourcess of becoming a soldier in my country (Nigeria). Holo Sir, please get me informed when it is ready. MY YEAR OF BECOMING SOLDIER AMEN.

    373. Shaayau Abdullahi 3 years ago

      I con only thanks god because i applied time without counting and i do not get it. That is why

    374. Friday harry Isonguyo 3 years ago

      I went several banks 2 buy the form but,it is not available.

    375. ADELEYE ADEYINKA 3 years ago

      I NEED A JOB

    376. Private 3 years ago

      Always d hard way out, and hard way d only way.

    377. Akuda Dominic 3 years ago

      Karshi Abuja

    378. Vahyala peter 3 years ago

      Are u among the succesful candidates

    379. Muhammad 2 years ago

      Haba nagerian army we like 2 our work you dont carry why

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