• Nekede post utme 2013/14: Admission Application Form now on sale



    Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates 2013/2014 Academic Year.

    Programmes are available at the following levels: Higher National Diploma (HND) Morning/Evening/Weekend)

    National Diploma (ND) (Evening/Weekend), and Certificate courses (Continuing Education Centre(CEC))




    1. Accountancy (AC)
    2. Banking and Finance (BF)
    3. Business Administration and Management (BAM)
    4. Marketing (MK)
    5. Purchasing and Supply (PS)
    6. Office Technology and Management (OTM)
    7. Public Administration (PA)
    8. Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM)
    9. Agricultural Engineering (AE)

    (a)    Farm Power & Machinery Engineering (option)

    (b)   Soil/Water Resources (option)

    (c)    Post Harvest  Engineering (option)

    10.  Civil Engineering (CE)

    (a)    Structural Engineering (option)

    (b)   Transportation Engineering (option)

    11.  Electrical Electronics Engineering (EE)

    (a)    Power

    (b)   Telecommunications (option)

    (c)    Instrumentation and Control (Option)

    12.  Mechanical Engineering (ME)

    (a)    Production (option)

    (b)   Air-condition and Refrigeration/Building Services (option)

    (c)    Automotive Engineering (option)

    13.  Computer Science (CS)

    14.  Architecture (AR)

    15.  Building Technology (BT)

    16.  Estate Management (EM)

    17.  Urban and Regional Planning (URP)

    18.  Quantity Surveying (QS)

    19.  Surveying and Geo Informatics (SUG)

    20.  Food Technology (FT)

    21.  Science Technology (ST)

    (a)    Biology/Micro Biology (option)

    (b)   Chemistry (option)

    (c)    Physics/Electronics (option)

    (d)   Environmental Biology (option)

    (e)    Micro-Biology/bio-chemistry (option)

    22.  Library Science (LS)

    23.  Statistics (STA)

    24.  Mass Communication (MC)

    Admission Requirements: (See Current Admission Brochure on the internet)

    (B).   National Diploma (Evening – 2 Years, Weekend – 2 Years)


    1. Accountancy (AC)
    2. Banking and Finance (BF)
    3. Business Admission and Management (BAM)
    4. Marketing (MK)
    5. Purchasing and Supply (PS)
    6. Public Administration (PA)
    7. Co-operative Economics and Managements (CEM)
    8. Office Technology and Management (OTM)
    9. Agricultural Engineering (AE)

    10.  Civil Engineering (CE)

    11.  Electrical/Electronics Engineering (EE)

    12.  Mechanical Engineering (ME)

    13.  Computer Science (CS)

    14.  Food Technology (FT)

    15.  Library Science (LS)

    16.  Science Technology (ST)

    17.  Fisheries Technology

    18.  Statistics (STA)

    19.  Architecture (AR)

    20.  Building Technology (BT)

    21.  Estate Management (EM)

    22.  Quantity Surveying (QS)

    23.  Surveying and Geo informatics (SUG)

    24.  Urban & Regional Planning (URP)

    25.  Mass Communication (MC)

    26.  Computer Engineering

    Admission Requirements: (See Current Admission Brochure on the internet)




    1. 1.      Library Science

    (a)    Certificate in Library Science

    1. Accountancy
    2. Community Banking
    3. Purchasing and Stores

    (a)    Certificate in Purchasing and Stores

    (b)   Advanced Certificate in Salesmanship

    1. 5.      Secretarial Administration

    (a)    Certificate in Secretarial Administration (CSIV/Sec. Asst. II)

    (b)   Intermediate Certificate in Secretarial Administration (CS III Senior Sec. Asst).

    1. 6.      Mechanical Engineering

    (a)    Certificate in Machine Tools Practice

    (b)   Advanced Certificate in Machine Tools Practice

    (c)    Certificate in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

    (d)   Certificate in Vehicle Maintenance

    1. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
    2. 8.      Building Technology

    (a)    Certificate in Building Technology

    (b)   Advanced Certificate in Building Technology

    1. 9.      Estate Management

    (a)   Certificate in Estate Management

    10.  Surveying and Geo-informatics

    (a)    Certificate in Surveying and Geo-informatics

    11.  Urban and Regional Planning

    (a)    Certificate in Town and Regional planning

    12.  Mass Communication

    (a)    Certificate in Mass Communication

    (b)   Advanced Certificate in Mass Communication


     S/N.     COURSES AVAILABLE                                                                    DURATION

    14. Certificate in Electric Motor Rewinding and Repairs                 12 weeks

    15. Certificate in Electrical Installation                                        12 weeks

    16. Certificate in Advanced Electrical Installation                          26 weeks

    17. Certificate in Geographical Information System (GIS)              26 weeks

    18. Certificate in Fisheries Technology                                        12 weeks

    19.  Certificate in Auto Mechanics                                               36 weeks

    20.  Certificate in Welding and Fabrication                                   36 weeks

    21.  Certificate in Fitting and Machine                                          36 weeks

    22. Certificate in Foundry                                                           36 weeks

    23. Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning                       36 weeks

    24.  Certificate in Computer Literacy                                             3 months

    25.  Certificate in Computer Maintenance                                      6 months

    26.  Certificate in Information Communication Technology              1 year


    Admission Requirements: (See Current Admission Brochure on the polytechnic website)


    Payments for Admission Forms are made through eTranzact in the following designed Banks nationwide at the cost of N5, 0000.00 (five thousand Naira) only, while that of Certificate courses is N3, 000.00 (three thousand naira) at any of the following banks.

    1. Fidelity Bank PLC Nekede            : Account No.- 4110009105 For all Evening programme admission forms


    2. Access Bank Plc: Account No –  0058781816 for all Weekend programme admission forms


    3.  (a) Zenith Bank Plc: Account No. – 1010663999 – Morning Programme

    (b) First City Monument Bank Plc: Account No – 0286043053 – Morning Programme

    (c) United Bank for Africa Plc: Account No. – 1915498529 – Morning Programme


    Applicants should fill their forms online at www.federalpolynekede.net on or before 30th of June, 2013 for HND (Morning) and 31st August 2013 for others.



    I. M .Aligbe


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    1. Ekwe Promise Wobo 4 years ago

      fed poly nekede post utme 2013/14: Admission Application Form now on sale.

    2. Ekwe Promise Wobo 4 years ago

      fed poly nekede post utme 2013/14: Admission Application Form now on sale.
      follow this link below:

    3. Durugbor Jonathan Anayo 4 years ago

      Thats Good News to all Appilicants but they would have extended the closing date for the online registration because there would be likely disturbances that might occure during the registration processing which could be as a result of internet network problems. Thats my litle contribution.

    4. Akinbo Rahmon 4 years ago


    5. waooo datz kul.

    6. Chinex 4 years ago

      Pls hw much is d form nd wer can we gt it

    7. datz kul

    8. Smart angel 4 years ago

      Wat is dia cut off mark

    9. Marycynthia odera 4 years ago

      Kul.is it in every skool.

    10. Amarachi 4 years ago

      Pls wat abt morning programm 4 ond

      • Authority 4 years ago

        Is now on sale the form came out yesterday been 25th of june go 2 UBA and get urs gud luck.

    11. Victor Anayo 4 years ago

      pls I need d site to regesterd it.

    12. ibe rosemary ebere 4 years ago

      Please how can i find a solution to my problem after registered for HND Morning Program online and filled it correctly and summit but notice another different year in my O’Level second sitting Exam year changed from 2011 written to 2012 seen now with one subject which i typed C6 then changed to F9.
      what will i do to retrieve my year and score back in nekede federal polytechnic 2013/2014 morning session program so that it will be as i typed it before submission

      • chucksy 4 years ago

        absolutely nothing.

    13. john, udeme monday 4 years ago

      when will nekede morning form 4 2013 post utme form wil be out

    14. Kelly 4 years ago

      Am still so confused u will take exams right? Because I don’t get all these evening and morning programme pls help.

    15. chidzy 4 years ago

      hw much is the form

    16. I enrolled On OND evening program but, i purchased my form at United Bank For africa. Plz will this affect my admission?

    17. Stella 4 years ago

      I was in nekede 4 2days without gettin d form all dey could tell me was 2 wait 4 d website 2 open, so i got angry nd went bck home, now if u must travel 2 nekede call anyone u knw dere an ask if deir website is open.

    18. Tracy 4 years ago

      D only advice i hv 4 u is wen u r gettin d form try as much 2 get 2 both morning nd evenin if d money is dey coz i over hard my uncle tell his frnd hw dis yrs admission wil be hard 4 student.

    19. De prince 4 years ago

      Nekede cut 150,bt my problem z wer did de sale d form,which bank or which direction

      • Blessing 4 years ago

        South East Imo State, Owerr precisely

    20. De Prince 4 years ago

      Nekede cut 150,bt my problem z wer did de sale d form,which bank or which direction nd which place.

    21. Onuoha stephen .o 4 years ago

      God, nekede u re my only hope pls God i hv suffered alot nd invested much let me be admited

    22. Blessing 4 years ago

      South East Imo State, Owerr precisely

    23. Nwokedi Endie 4 years ago

      I went 2 UBA dis morning to obtain a confirmation code for my post utme application form and i was told dat d account no (1915498529) which is placed on the school site is incorrect. I’m so confused, don’t know wat to. PLS I NEED A VALID UBA ACCOUNT NO FOR DIS POST-UTME STUFF, CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    24. imaobongekere 4 years ago

      pls how many questions wil i b given wen writing d aptitude test hnd acct

    25. Kelvin kennedy 4 years ago

      What is their cut -off mark. . And dt of evening classes. . . Does it require jamb.

    26. michelle 4 years ago

      how much is the form for the post ume nekede poly?

    27. joy 4 years ago

      plz o i have bought d ND 1 morning form and have processed it but my exam day didn’t appear (course:BAM)A beg some body should help me pls pls pls pls pls .

    28. UGWUJA KELECHI 4 years ago

      pls, who knws d date of d post utme 4 fed. poly nekede?

    29. Remy 4 years ago

      i dnt fel nekede 4 jamb.bt can i stil buy d form.

    30. Uche edmond 4 years ago

      oluwa pls i need ur help…..

    31. Mbaeze Chidera J 4 years ago

      I can’t access the website please help me by sending the more correct link

    32. kingsley 4 years ago

      Is it late to register for HND application (fed poly nekede)? Pls i need rply immediately pls.

    33. Amadi Emmanuel 4 years ago

      when is d nd exam

    34. Amadi Emmanuel 4 years ago

      ys d evening programm

    35. Peace 4 years ago

      Is nekede post utme still on sale please i need answer

    36. Kelechi wini 4 years ago

      Bam exam is on 25th of dis month 4 fpn owerri

    37. Moses 4 years ago

      Plzzzz i was told its possible dat i can buy evening form of fedpoly nekede even wen i didnt use it in jamb plzz is dis true?

    38. Casey Brown Atulegwu 4 years ago

      How much is this form for ND aspirants?

    39. Amad 4 years ago

      Am Amad i did not take jamb, but can i stil buy nekede form evening program.

    40. stephen gerald 4 years ago

      pls keep me update 4 more news

    41. bright nwagba 4 years ago

      pls keep me update for more information

    42. Onu christogous 4 years ago

      Is the post umb exam out?

    43. Onu christogous 4 years ago

      Is the post umb exam result out?

    44. unyime 4 years ago

      cn i buy HND weekend form from UBA, Fidility or Zeinth bank coz Access bank here in Yenagoa says d dnt ave it. tnx

    45. unyime 4 years ago

      pls, i ave nt bin reply. tnx

    46. darlynton 4 years ago


    47. Vivian 4 years ago

      I score 195 in jamb and 180 in post jamb via business administration. What’s my chance of admission?

    48. Egonu 4 years ago

      Whats the cuttof mark for public administration?

    49. Mercy 4 years ago

      I scored 179 in my jamb nd 260 in my post ume.nd i did eng,literature,crs,govt in my jamb.i choose mascom 4 my course.bt i heard dat d subject i did in jamb doz nt correspond 2 mascom nd i wont b admitted.plz z dz 2ru.cal or text me wit dz numba 07067400739

    50. Mercy 4 years ago

      Plz wot z d cut-off mark 4 mascom

    51. Christopher ihesiulo o. 4 years ago

      I want to know if admission has come out or not

    52. chinaza 4 years ago

      plz i want to know if mert list is out

    53. Onyeforo Gift 3 years ago

      God please i realy ned dis admission dis year,i hav nt seen de date of de postutme exam plz help.

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